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Trendy and elegant wedding in Wisconsin's Northwoods

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Fly Me To The Moon - Megan & Michael say 'I do'

Before diving into the narrative of this warm and contemporary wedding set in the heart of Wisconsin's Northwoods, it's essential to explore a previous blog post chronicling a destination wedding in Oregon. The #yearofwanderlynn unfolded for Rosewood Weddings, and the journey begins with that tale.

My journey with Megan in wedding planning spans two years, with the initial vivid memory of our meeting at a coffee shop. I recall scrolling through Megan's Pinterest board adorned with warm rust tones and the whimsical allure of pampas grass. As is happens, the aesthetic for Meg and Michael's wedding evolved over time—an entirely natural progression.

In a world saturated with inspiration pouring out of our phones and computers, it's only natural to occasionally reevaluate designs, color palettes, and more. Megan and Michael discovered their greatest success when drawing inspiration from the unique nuances of their relationship and the hidden gem of a wedding venue they had chosen.

Beyond orchestrating her own wedding, strategically located three hours away from Milwaukee, Megan seamlessly juggles her roles, simultaneously capturing weddings through Wanerlynn Photography. Weekends brimming with photography, followed by dedicated weeks of meticulous editing, Megan always found a way to squeeze in wedding planning amid her bustling schedule.

Despite encountering obstacles throughout the planning process, Megan and Michael faced each challenge with remarkable calmness, confident that everything would fall into place.

Their vision was clear—they wanted a chic celebration! Having been together for a substantial period, their desire was simply to revel in the warmth of their love alongside friends and family.

As the highly anticipated wedding weekend unfolded, we loaded in an array of chic details at the YMCA Camp Alexander. Despite a petty spell of drizzling rain at the outset of the day, the skies miraculously cleared just in time for the lakefront wedding ceremony, accessible through a picturesque wooded peninsula walk.

During the cocktail hour, a Frank Sinatra impersonator regaled the guests with timeless hits such as 'My Way' and 'New York, New York,' adding a touch of classic charm to the festivities.

Megan's careful curation of the bridesmaid's dresses and tablescape color palette became a major talking point throughout the evening. The combination exuded chic and fashion-forward vibes while maintaining a warm and inviting vibe. The air was filled with excitement—napkins waving, drop-top caddy wheels spinning, and disco balls sparkling.

As the night unfolded, and it was time for me to bid farewell and head home, I sought out Megan and Christie, who were tearing up the dance floor.

The serendipity of Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' playing transformed a simple goodbye into an impromptu, full-on performance. In that moment, we weren't just celebrating the successful orchestration of both weddings and the completion of these remarkable events; we were reveling in the joy of continuing our incredible friendship, forged on the pillars of mutual respect, love, and shared laughter.

And we f$%*ing ripped that song up. I love you girls so much. Thank you for letting me into your lives.

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