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An intimate wildflower wedding at Crook Point

When a professional photographer and videographer get married in the PNW

The kind of wedding where you could freely feel everything you were feeling, and you could love in the exact way you wanted to love. That was Christie and Cody's wedding at Crook Point in Oregon.

But let's back up for a minute. I joke that 2023 is the #yearofwanderlynn. Not only am I finally (constantly) working with colleagues, Megan and Christie of Wanderlynn Photography; but I am also producing both of their weddings this year!

A moment for Megan and Christie, who are beautifully uncommon. They are best friends and sister-in-laws, who are full-time business partners and live in the same duplex building with their husbands. Yeah, let that sink in.

The moment we started connecting on social media - some 4 years ago - I felt giddy like my high school crush had finally noticed me.

The three of us have such an immense respect for each other. I admire their work infinitely, and truly love collaborating on creative projects. I was dealt the luckiest hand when they both asked me to plan their 2023 weddings.

This brings us to Christie. The delicious, colorful, creative, banging brunette of this photography duo. Christie and her husband, Cody (Megan's brother) are rooted in their wanderlust...and long-standing love for each other. An adventurous wedding was in the cards from the get-go; and when I jumped into the planning process, I was introduced to Crook Point.

Crook Point is a quiet and luxurious oceanfront venue with vacation homes directly on cliffs above the beach - all located on 3,000-acres of historic ranch land on Oregon's southern coast.

Cody is an award-winning director and out of the box filmmaker with a cool and unexampled style. Between these two and their wildly creative talents - and the breathtaking landscape surrounding - it was undeniably a phenomenal wedding. For certain.

The wedding weekend kicked off with guests traveling far-and-wide to come celebrate this couple. Perhaps on their way in, they drove through 100 year-old redwoods and stopped at an oyster joint. Magnetic energy, regardless, as these wedding guests began settling into the various vacation homes.

Preliminary wedding setup on Friday was followed by a sweet and intimate ceremony rehearsal, where everyone was wooing over the ridiculous views. After authentic Mexican food at a local grill, the wedding party retreated back to Gold Beach for a breezy bonfire, polaroids and beers in the sand.

For whatever reason, the PNW weather Gods thought to be kind to me on my visit to Oregon. The weather throughout the weekend was stellar. Record highs, even! On Saturday morning, there was a light haze over the ocean that gently lifted throughout the day.

And I've seen many first looks in my day, but this first look location was unparalleled.

Christie poured her heart and soul into many creative elements of the wedding decor. From the custom signage (printed on fabric) to the floral wall backdrop and the tiniest, cutest wildflower seed pack was all thoughtfully curated with loving intention.

Arguably one of my favorite moments from this wedding was during the ceremony. Instead of a commonplace unity activity, Christie and Cody took photos of each other at the altar to memorialize the vows and crystalize that day - and those feelings - forever. Both being so visually-driven in their professions, it was such a significant and authentic move.

When you truly invite your nearest and dearest to your wedding, it's natural that the entire atmosphere resembles that of a warm hug. No judgements, no criticisms - just loving, positive energy and celebrational jubilance!

There was a moment, post-ceremony, where Christie couldn't stop crying. It was an overjoyed and overwhelmed kind of cry that was contagious. Every emotion on this day was welcomed, honored and respected.

I love surprises. And, boy, was I surprised when Christie grabbed the microphone during dancing, and proceeded to bewitchingly sing If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys. Hearts exploded.

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