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Neutral-chic wedding at a historic music hall

Grab your cassette at this Thalia Hall wedding in Chicago

Do you remember what you were doing during the onset of lockdown? I remember so vividly. I went to my neighborhood Stone Creek Coffee, and bought two 5-pound bags of light roast beans.

Then, I got puzzles for the kids and baking mixes from Trader Joe's. Yeah, while everyone was worried about wiping their butts, I was worried about having enough bakery around.

During all the chaos + depression that was sinking in during that time, I received a beacon of light via email.

Cal's inquiry was so bittersweet. She was writing during such a shitty time in the world, on a subject that she was so, very excited about! She and Rob booked their dream venue, Thalia Hall in Chicago. They shared so many great memories going to shows there; so after their engagement, that decision was simple.

From the get-go, Cal + Rob were doing their wedding their way.

First, they got married in New York, where Cal is from. This intimate church + coastal celebration was on Long Beach, and oh-so love-filled. Afterwards, they came to Chicago to exchange vows once again, and (most importantly) PARTY at Thalia Hall. Like a real rockstar!

And party they did.

Cal + Rob also introduced me to my new favorite style of reception: East Coast-style. Essentially, it's where the reception meal and dancing are joyously intertwined. A well-facilitated, endless party with breaks for food courses and lovely toasts!

Once or twice a year, I'll produce a wedding in the Chicagoland area. And, if I'm lucky, Alisha Tova is photographing it! Working with this entire team of vendors was an absolute pleasure: venue: Thalia Hall video: Golden Hours floral: Field + Florist band: Bluewater Kings Band paper goods: Hall Creative Co. rentals: Borrow Curated

Oh, and Cal works for Pinterest, so prepare yourselves for what that means. If you don't already know, it means DIY-realness and design con·ti·nu·i·ty!

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