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Wisconsin wedding colors for 2023

These colors are on trend for this year in Milwaukee weddings

If you’re getting married in 2023, you’ve undoubtedly started a Pinterest or design board to get the creative juices flowing. As you're getting started on curating the look and feel of your ceremony and reception, you might want to take a peek at what the popular wedding colors of 2023 are. It’s certainly a fun time for Wisconsin weddings to explore life outside the worlds of creams and greens.

It’s my pleasure to inform you that Rosewood Wedding clients are having a time experimenting with color! For example, a couple getting married at the vintage & eclectic venue, The George & Madcap Lounge, will choose a whimsical color palette of teal, green, toffee and buttercup.

2023 wedding color trends will be marked by a juxtaposition of deep saturation and the palest pastels. While plenty of colors will be seen at celebrations this year, here’s what I’m expecting for Wisconsin wedding color trends of 2023:


No eye-rolling! The neutral color palette is forever a go-to for modern weddings; however, someone new is joining the neutral gang.

Believe it or not, brown is having a major resurgence. In the 70s brown was the deeper contrasting color as opposed to black. But you’ll be seeing more shades of brown incorporated in wedding design - especially paired with a neutral color palette. I love this because it’s a range of hues that stay true to nature-inspired. Brown is everywhere in nature and - besides in poop - it’s beautifully underrated!


Ah, yes - pretty in pink.

Pink usually is the color front of mind when it comes to romantic design. And because people don’t want to go head-first in lusty red for their wedding day…pink is the next, cutest thing.

When couples want to add some whimsical romance to their wedding celebration, think pink for 2023! Barbiecore is a real thing - and the Pantone Color of the Year is magenta (for whatever that’s worth). Pink is playful, and can be incorporated into many design elements without feeling like a teenager’s roller skate party. Although that also sounds amazing.


My couples who love neutrals but want a little more umph tend to gravitate towards a green palette.

Perhaps it's because green is truly nature-inspired…or it’s the result of more couples thinking environmentally friendly for their day

From emerald to chartreuse, couples are incorporating different shades of the same hue for a modern, textured look everywhere from their bridesmaids dresses to the reception tablescape. It’s an unexpectedly nostalgic shade that reads both elegant and approachable.


Yes, that's it. A popular wedding palette for 2023 is a colorful one!

A colorful wedding palette may not come to mind when formulating a design aesthetic, but that's exactly why I love it —it's marks a fun departure from common, neutral tones. Wow your guests with vibrancy!

Don't be intimidated by eccentric color combinations. If you're drawn to oodles of color, why not explore that path & make a memorable setting for your wedding day...unlike any other?

Choose one or two colors to really pop against an otherwise neutral palette - or mix a few shades in a similar color family for a consistent look. And you know you can always just go all out for a color bonanza! Don't be afraid to mix, match and contrast—unexpected combinations can turn into the most celebrated parts of the day (besides your marriage, of course).

*With the exception of the opening photo, all inspirational images were pulled from Pinterest & are not my work.

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