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Wisconsin micro wedding

Michaela + Jeremy's intimate wedding in the Wisconsin Northwoods

Oh, heavens - where to even begin? I suppose at the beginning, when Michaela first told me about her June 2020 wedding at Black Swan Riverwalk in Milwaukee. Because M + J lived in Minneapolis, we had our original planning calls via FaceTime. To them, the most important aspects of the day were the atmosphere + guest experience. Michaela told me that she wanted to create a space that is intriguing, exciting + inviting for her 200-some guests.

"We want our guests to lose track of time and want to stay longer at the end of the night."

When coronavirus hit early this year, M + J and I hopped on several video calls to talk through options. It didn't take long for them to come to a decision that felt right for them + their families. Michaela, Jeremy and I moved forward with cancelling their big wedding celebration, and began planning their Northwoods micro wedding at her parents' lake house.

From there, things progressed pretty quickly! With the help of M + J's existing vendor team, we made a big pivot + began planning an entirely new wedding in two short months.

Jaclyn with Feisty Flowers was incredibly flexible as she worked through a design board with me that was almost night + day from their original floral proposal. We moved from moody jewel-tones to warm, earthy design inspiration...pulled right from the woods surrounding the lake property!

This truly ended up being a family affair, because I brought my brothers up to produce this event with me. I really couldn't do it alone. Because we were heading so far north, I had to take on a lot of roles - i.e. music/entertainment, catering + service, officiant, and venue management.

With that said, a huge shoutout to my brother Zach (who is a professional Chef), my brother Matt (who is a Creative Producer), and his husband Karl. These three men helped make the day seamless, so M + J's family could truly enjoy the experience + celebration of marriage!

So much emotion went into this wedding - for a few obvious reasons. Michaela + Jeremy lost their big celebration to covid, but ended up with a truly magical micro wedding with their closest supporters.

I almost hit a deer on the drive home. It doesn't get more 'Northwoods' than that, right!? **The deer is fine.

Thank you to the talented group of wedding professionals who made this day happen + traveled so far for their work:

MannFrau videography

Tablescapes Chicago

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