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Wedding budget breakdown

Milwaukee micro wedding with 15 guests

To me, micro weddings and intimate weddings are not one and the same. Granted, this more falls into my opinion...but I consider intimate weddings having 100 guests or less. An even smaller subset of intimate weddings are micro weddings; having ~30 guests or less.

Especially throughout the pandemic, it's been my experience that people have weddings in three approximate guest count groupings: about 70 guests, about 30 guests, and about 15 guests. Today, I'm breaking down the wedding budget of a micro celebration that had 15 guests.

'Why are you doing this, Danielle? Who cares?' You care. Everyone cares about money - especially their own. And because knowledge is power, I want to shed some light on Wisconsin wedding budgets, and averages in our industry.

A fairly common conception about intimate and micro weddings is that they cost substantially less than 'normal' weddings. This is true. But, they're certainly not free! This micro wedding of 15 guests took me approximately 265 hours to plan. Who has a spare 265 hours?! That's a number to consider when wedding planning; as well as these wedding costs broken down by vendor category:

Wedding planning + design - $3,500

Wedding photography, 1 photographer - $1,500

Milwaukee wedding venue, Friday rental - $2,200

Catering, 5 course tasting menu - $3,500

You'll notice there isn't a DJ, photo booth or other reception activity listed. As with most micro weddings, the meal is really the shining star! Guest experience is paramount; and couples like this lean into the shared meal being a focal point of the celebration.

Floral - $1,412

*Here's a quick breakdown further into the floral order, because there's so much misinformation surrounding wedding flowers-

Bridal bouquet....$175

Bridesmaids bouquet....$150

Boutonnieres....$15, qty 4, $60

Ceremony arrangements....$300, qty 2, $600

Reception guest tables bud vases....$25, qty 12, $300



Bar, cafe string lighting, cutting cake, ceremony music - $2,000

Tabletop rentals, specialty rentals, hair + makeup, linens - $800

Approx. total of this Milwaukee micro wedding: $15,000

Anyone who knows me know that, above all, I advise putting your money where you care most! The only wedding budget rule to follow is: don't spend money that you don't have. Outside of that, make it a meaningful reflection of you! In retrospect, you'll see that that's truly priceless (kind of).

Check out the complete autumn micro wedding here.

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