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Rosewood wedding dresses of 2022

Wisconsin brides rocked these styles at their wedding

Something's happening in Wisconsin bridal.

For a state that's constantly fielding backhanded comments about its lack of fashion and delayed trends, Wisconsin is done being minimized. It was done, like, yesterday.

My 2022 brides were not messing around. Their day of attire had personality, kittenish detailing and tons of style!

Some wore chic but minimalist dresses that said a lot. Others changed into a reception look that allowed them to dance easily - wild and free. Many trends that popped up during Bridal Fashion Week in NYC made their way into these bridal styles, too - like the corset bodice design, and textured jumpsuits.

These women made me so proud to be a Midwesterner. We may be behind on a lot of things, but you better believe we're nailing our wedding day lewks.

I know you will; please enjoy the Rosewood wedding dresses of 2022:

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