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Rosewood wedding bouquets of 2021

We're not afraid of color. Let that be known. 2021 Rosewood brides held firm to their bouquets and badassery.

Not only did these brides brave bold color palettes, they stayed open-minded to different bouquet shapes, too.

Before I go into sharing what floral bouquet trends I saw from last year, I just want to commend my clients. It is not easy to trust someone (in general, but) to create your $200+ bridal bouquet. Although it's a space that you're unfamiliar with, you have an idea of what you want...and you want it to be perfect for you. You're holding it all day long, for Christ's sake!

All of these bridal bouquets were such raging successes because my brides trusted their florists. With guidance, inspirational photos + thoughtful conversations, any seasoned florist can make magic so clearly depicted below. Keep trusting these wedding professionals to create art for you.

If you didn't get the memo already, I'll take much pride in telling you that cascading bridal bouquets are making a comeback. You read that correctly. You know I love it. Bring on the drama - why not?! Keep in mind that cascading bridal bouquets require a certain amount of upper body strength, though. You can't skip arm days if you're going to carry that stunning bundle around come wedding day.

Dried and fresh floral compositions also seemed to reign supreme this year. The added texture of a succulent, dried grass or bunny tail pop can make a wild difference in your bouquet design. For the better, obviously.

Maybe it was just me, but the focus on locally-sourced product was front-of-mind. I had florists cutting down trees and branches from bushes in their own yards + farms. Is that not the coolest thing ever? Florists are scaling trees to make your wedding bouquet dreams come true! That's special.

Ah, if only this blog were scratch and sniff. Here are the Rosewood wedding bouquets of 2021 that I had the privilege of seeing up close and personal:

Bouquet designed by Erika Herman

Bouquet design by Sunborn Gardens

Bouquet design by Sunborn Gardens

Bouquet designed by Floral Alchemy

Bouquet designed by Briar Loft

Bouquet design by Sunborn Gardens

Bouquet design by 414loral

Bouquet design by Sunborn Gardens

Bouquet designed by Field & Florist

Bouquet designed by Bird & Bumble

Bouquet designed by Folklore Flowers

Bouquet designed by Unordinary Omen Floristry

Bouquet designed by We Love Moss

Bouquet designed by Jane Kelly Floral

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