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Rosewood bridesmaids dresses of 2021

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses were slated to be one of the big wedding trends of 2020/2021. And ya'll weren't playing!

Not only mismatched, but bridesmaids in pantsuits - is there anything more badass? I love seeing these women (and men) glow with confidence in their attire.

Trusting their girls to make the right decisions for their bodies is what makes these brides + overall styling so successful.

Aside from mismatched styles and colors, these Rosewood bridesmaids also stayed warm into fall with earthy, bohemian color palettes. Cinnamon, rust and lots of nude.

And if you love texture as much as I do...gear up. Here are the Rosewood bridesmaids dresses of 2021 that I had the privilege of seeing up close and personal:

Sophie's ladies in sage + pink neutrals photographed by Natural Intuition

These pastel pantsuits broke the internet! Photographed by the Uttkes

These cinnamon colors are stunning together! A true mismatched bridesmaid dress success - photographed by Justine Montigny

Berry tones for Brinda's sisters + family photographed by Autumn Silva

Cal's bridal crew legitimately looks like something out of Vogue Weddings. Effortlessly chic! I'm also obsessed with the textures from her Mom's (epic) MOB dress. Photos by Alisha Tova

Earthy boho colors warm up this mismatched bridesmaids look - and I'm soaking up that pop of blue. Photographed by Cass Rosch

More berry and warm bohemian colors for Nnenna's sisters + family photographed M28 Photography

How could you get sick of this warm, earthy palette?! Love Shaina's family's look photographed by Cass Rosch

All black bridesmaids serving up chic vibes in the fall forest photographed by Kaleigh Rae Photography

This mismatched bridesmaids look also broke the internet...probably because of the velvet. Yum! Photo by Mann Frau

Y'all feeling green with envy looking at Olivia's gals? I am - especially from this stunning mix of textures: satin, chiffon, velvet. Textile heaven - photographed by Kaley Rae

Sequins + champagne - it's a December vibe. And you know I'm living for these fur shrugs. Photographed by McNiel Photography

Speaking of mixing fabrics - rounding out 2021 with these celebratory dresses for Nicole + Joe's New Year's Eve wedding. Classic blacks photographed by the Uttkes.

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