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Minimalist vs maximalist

Which wedding style is more 'you?'

I’ve always supported the notion that there’s beauty in simplicity. Clearly, I’m not alone, because minimalist weddings have been on trend for a while now. Minimalist weddings focus attention on what’s important by dropping all of the details. A wedding ‘without all the fuss.’

You’ve seen the minimalist wedding; light & airy, neutral colors, ethereal greenery and white, white white! This style of wedding is crisp, classic & cool.

Well, there’s a new girl in town, and she’s extra - literally. Introducing the 2019 wedding trend: maximalism. She’s the reaction against minimalism; an overall aesthetic of excess and redundancy. Think, 'more is more,' contrasting with the minimalist motto 'less is more.'

Maximal weddings are sweeping through and, even with a minimalist heart, I’m kind of excited! These weddings have dramatic installations, abundant tablescapes and colors that knock socks off; textured linens, multiple fabrics, hanging lights, social seating. It’s extra, everything.

So, which is your wedding style: minimalist or maximalist? Let’s break the two down with some visuals:



Now, I know what some of you are thinking: I’m a maximalist with the financial capacity of a minimalist. Me too! If you have a maximalist wedding style with the budget of a minimalist, here are some ways to let the drama shine without going broke:

  • Invest in on big installment, be it floral or otherwise. Have this installment be the backdrop for your ceremony, then have your planner/team repurpose the installment somewhere behind you at the reception table, or as a photo opportunity for guests. Your planner can also rearrange the layout during cocktail hour, so that it can continue to be highlighted throughout reception. This can be a ceremony arch covered in florals, or a macrame backdrop with greenery. I did a wedding in January where we set up 7 live evergreen trees as a ceremony backdrop. Then, for the reception, we moved them into a tree-lined backdrop for the dance floor. Very sappy, but worth it!

  • Bring drama in the tablescapes. Maybe you go easy on florals, but invest in some really special, textured linens. Between table linens and napkins, you can really offer guests a maximalist feel all throughout the reception. Picking a linen textile like velvet instantly adds a luxurious touch! In addition to specialty linens, you could put money towards elegant place cards or an abundance of beautiful candle sticks that saturate the reception tables.

  • Let your attire speak volumes. Whether it's by choosing a dramatic, statement wedding gown, or beefing up your personal flowers (i.e. bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets & bouts), make your presence known with thoughtful, extravagant fittings. Have the groomsmen wear velvet, or direct your florists to create oversized boutonnieres for the guys. Everyone will be looking at you and the bridal party, so give them something dramatic to look at.

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