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Milwaukee wedding invitations

All your questions answered by Ava, Owner of Hall Creative Co.

It's time to get that paper! I'm talking about all things wedding stationary - or rather, Ava with Hall Creative Co. is doing the talking.

Many of my clients have the same big questions surrounding save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and day-of paper goods. So, I went right to the source for answers:

Q: When did you start your business?

A: I founded Hall Creative LLC in 2018 after working 5 years as a Senior Graphic Designer, creating corporate marketing materials.

What is your design background?

I graduated from UW Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. I come from a very artistic family, and have always loved all things art and design.

What types of printing processes do you offer and which do you specialize in? Any that you recommend for certain styles and budgets?

I currently offer all types of printing processes: digital/flat, letterpress, foil, white ink, + embossing.

Digital/Flat printing, our most versatile (and cost-effective/budget-friendly) printing method, creates a flat, smooth finish on top of the paper. It does not leave an indentation. A wide range of papers can be used with this method; however, when it comes to dark-colored cardstock, only white ink is available. Digital Printing can be combined with both Letterpress and Foil printing.

Letterpress printing uses a plate or mold to create an impression onto the paper with solid, matte inks. A wide range of papers can be used with this method including both our standard weight (110lb) and heavyweight (220lb) cardstock and cotton paper. Letterpress Printing can be combined with both Digital and Foil printing.

Foil printing is the process of laying a sheet of foil on paper that is then pressed with a metal plate leaving a slight impression. A wide range of papers can be used with this method including both our standard weight (110lb) and heavyweight ( 220lb) cardstock and cotton paper. Foil Printing can be combined with both Digital and Letterpress printing.

I offer a more in-depth description of printing methods, budget advice, and paper options on my website

When should I send save-the-date cards out? When should I send invitations?

Save-the-dates are typically sent 6-8 months prior to the wedding. If planning a destination wedding, it's best to send your save-the-dates even sooner (around 8-12 months).

Wedding invitations are typically sent 8 weeks before the wedding. Again, if planning a destination wedding it's best to send your invitations sooner. With that being said, I typically tell clients it's best to book your wedding stationer a year to a year and a half before your wedding. The more time to create and design, the better (especially during a pandemic when the world is experiencing so many types of shortages).

Is your printing done in-house or do you outsource it?

When it comes to digital/flat printing and white ink printing I am able to do that in-house. For all other methods of printing (foil, letterpress, and embossing) I have to outsource.

Do you offer custom invitations as well as templated styles?

I currently only offer custom invitations. I do have a gallery on my website of my past work that clients can look at and refer to for design ideas. Maybe in the future, I will offer Semi-Custom collections, but for now, my main focus is custom.

Do you offer day-of paper goods; as well as save-the-date cards and invitations?

I do! I offer all types of stationery whether that’s wedding-related or personalized stationery such as thank you cards or birth announcements.

If a client wants to include a picture or graphic on their save-the-date card or invitation, can you accommodate that?

Definitely! I have had lots of clients include an engagement photo on their save-the-date. I just require that the client provide a high-resolution photo for me to use.

Any insight on stationery verbiage; or a peek into that as it relates to your design process?

My goal is to try and make the process as seamless as possible. I send all of my clients an on-boarding email that outlines the process moving forward. I also provide the client with what I call a "Client Content Form," which asks for any and all information I would need to get started on the design (i.e. names, dates, times, addresses, etc.) It also provides different wording/verbiage options for their invitation based on who is hosting and how formal the wedding is.

Are there any new styles, trends, and color combinations that you’re loving right now?

In the last year I have had a lot of clients with white, black, and neutral color combinations. You can’t go wrong with classic black and white. But lately, I have been having more couples choose bright, fun color palettes. I recently had a couple from upstate New York who chose rust, chartreuse, orange, and pink for their 70s-themed wedding. Playing with color is one of my favorite things. I love playing with unexpected color combinations and seeing how they can come together in a suite.

Do you offer the option to print on recycled paper?

I am currently looking into a new paper line from my supplier that is made from recycled paper. Being sustainable is very important to me and my business. Currently, all of my branding print materials are printed on recycled paper and all of the boxes and shipping materials are reused items from things I have received in the mail.

Any insight or guidance around postage - as it relates to the weight of the invitation suite, vintage stamps, wax seals, etc.

I always tell my clients to take one of their finished invitations to their local post office to have it weighed so they can purchase the correct amount of postage, as it is always changing. I currently don’t offer postage in-house but it is something I am looking to add in the near future.

It is USPS-safe to place a wax seal on the outside of an envelope. I’d highly recommend using an outer envelope, and setting your seal on the inner for a 100% delivery rate, though. If possible, hand-deliver your wax seal invitations to the post office so that it doesn’t run through a rough, electric sorter.

(all photos sourced from Instagram @hallcreativeco)

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