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Milwaukee intimate wedding

Micro wedding at Sangerhouse Gardens + The Atrium

Was it the Kenosha connection? Were Nick, Amanda + I brought together by the ratchet energies of our hometown...a place of which we all have a tormenting love/hate relationship with? There's no real way of knowing...

But one thing's for sure, I love this couple.

Nick + Amanda are a quintessentially perfect pair. They balance each other out so beautifully... it's very fun to witness. Amanda's an early education teacher; and if you don't wish your kids could be in her class, then you wish you would have been in her class. She's soft, smart + oh-so sweet. And Nick is quiet, more serious + a super savvy business man, who's a master negotiator. Although he's more reserved, you can tell his internal dialogue is off the charts! Always thinking + analyzing.

These two were dealt a shit hand when it came to the culmination of their wedding plans. COVID-19 struck just as we were on our last lap together. There were so many unknowns. We began call, after call on preparations + backup plans.

For a while, we thought about a Door County elopement, then it was a larger wedding in Lake Geneva because the restrictions weren't as rigid, then it was a backyard wedding with 12 guests, then it was back at 100+ when things seemed to be settling down in early June...I know this back + fourth was tough on my perfect pair. Nick was so sweet + concerned with ensuring his bride-to-be had the wedding and special day that she deserved.

After sending out change of plans cards, and trying every available avenue imaginable, Nick + Amanda settled on an intimate wedding of 40 guests - with a lovely garden ceremony at the Sangerhouse followed by a dinner reception at The Atrium with their nearest + dearest.

Shout out to my perfect pair who had the tenacity to see this day through. What an absolutely perfect day it was, too. A big thanks to Ray at The Atrium, Oliver with Hidden Kitchen + Aaron with East Elm Photography for hanging in there with us, too. Air-hugs all around to this phenomenal group!

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