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Micro wedding in Green Bay, Wisconsin lakelands

A sweet 30-person backyard wedding for an expecting couple

Melanie reached out to me in March in hopes of planning an intimate, backyard wedding over the coming Fourth of July weekend. She and her partner, DJ, live on a lake - about 45 minutes north of Green Bay - where there's a ton of fireworks...making it the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration.

Not only were they celebrating a wedding - but a baby on the way, too! They planned to share the big, baby news with their nearest + dearest at the reception dinner.

And for anyone who doesn't already know, I am all for a pregnant bride. Love to see it!

Just when I thought I couldn't love Melanie any more, she suggests bringing in a bounce house. And I said, let's make it wedding-white!

This vendor team showed up for a busy, distance-heavy wedding weekend, and I am forever grateful.

For their gorgeous photography, we had my dear friend Chelsea Matson...who literally hung out the top of a car to snap exit pictures of Mel + DJ in their Porsche 911.

For their coursed-out reception dinner with wine pairings, seasonal cocktails and homemade cold brew, we had Bartlett Catering...a guy I know pretty personally. The oh-so-talented Alexis of Yield Bakehouse delivered their wedding cake, which was inhaled. There wasn't a crumb left during cleanup (trust me, I looked).

I know you're wondering about the bounce house: it's Roar out of Lake Geneva. Look into it! Tent, lighting + rentals came from Event Essentials, and the fresh flowers were designed by Ebb and Flow Flowers.

A million congratulations to this lovely couple - who are thoughtfully growing a family + building lasting roots in the lakeland of Green Bay.

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1 Comment

Shelly Fox
Shelly Fox
Jun 26, 2023

Oh my goodness. I know I am a stranger, but that’s one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen!

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