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Intimate Milwaukee wedding at Ivy House

How to make my wedding unique?

A lot of people ask me questions like what details will make my wedding feel special and how can we make our wedding feel unique; all with an emphasis on avoiding having a ‘cookie cutter wedding.’ These questions are worded differently, but the answer to all is the same: you.

You are the answer. You and your partner are the difference-makers. To avoid having a cookie cutter make the day feel’s all about segmenting your personalities throughout the day.

Because, for some reason, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what this actually means, I’m sharing Nicole + Matt’s wedding to better illustrate.

These two have so much style, and a true sense of self! In my opinion, they also both have a great sense of humor. Nicole + Matt met while writing for the campus satire publication at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When planning their wedding, they wanted it to feel cool, clean, cozy; as well as playfully modern, without being too cloying when it comes to cutesy details. I’d describe their decor style as more minimalistic - with hip/modern personal styles.

Rarely do planning couples have a super clear view of what they want. Nicole + Matt didn't have a clear vision the entire time. What they did have though, was a true vision of who they are as a couple, as individuals...and how they wanted their guests to feel.

Now you take a look at their incredible wedding day, while I point out a few things:

Nicole's style is wildly unique and very beautiful. She chose such a stunning and flattering wedding dress for the day. A bride that isn't afraid to highlight their personal style is most memorable.

Is this actually a gush-about-Nicole post? Yeah, kind of. Aside from sticking to her guns in loving this bright + poppy color palette, Nicole also knew she loved this particular kind of peony flower. She trusted all of her vendors, but especially her florist, Erika, to make her vision come to life. This bridal bouquet is so magical because it's 50/50 - half the bride's awesome vision, and half the florists' great, creative talents.

For anyone who needs to hear this: you don't have to follow traditional wedding rules. Ever. Nicole's brother stood up on her side, and that personalized their wedding in a major way. Although it was a 90-person wedding, guests see and feel the intimacy of the event. It's so warming. So are those bridesmaids dresses - am I right?!

The brides cool vision continues to show through with their escort display. Nicole had a very good idea of what she wanted this to look like. It played so perfectly into the event aesthetic.

The pigs, you guys, IYKYK. Pigs = personality. Not literally, but; Nicole + Matt have a cute inside thing with pigs, and they popped them into their decor. It's fun, easy + your guests will see and feel these fun character bits.

While planning a Covid-19 wedding, Nicole + Matt considered guest safety first and foremost. They invested a lot of money into keeping their guests as safe as possible. And a huge shoutout to Ivy House for taking every precaution to do the same. It was so impressive to see!

Really fun paper goods also made the event unique, and showcased Nicole + Matt's playful, hip personalities.

Nicole let me style their sweetheart table with produce. She's gets me.

Another tradition-breaker but an oh-so special experience. Nicole chose to be escorted down the aisle by both parents. Her Mom looked incredible in an embroidered floral dress.

Here's cool proof that you can have a non-traditional wedding...with lovely traditions! Nicole is Filipino, and wanted to incorporate some Filipino wedding traditions into her ceremony. These traditions involved sponsors, and truly made the ceremony interactive + touching.

These two are so special. And way cooler than they even know. It was such an honor to help them breathe real life into their wedding vision. I'll always admire Nicole's incredible style and love of color + whimsy!

venue: Ivy House

catering: Birch + Butcher

floral: Erika Herman, Flowers for Dreams

paper goods: Ever Yours Paper

rentals: A La Crate

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