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Intimate and elegant at Villa Terrace

Brinda + Pulin's Mediterranean micro wedding in Milwaukee

Brinda, Pulin + I planned their wedding in 33 days. For real, 33 days.

From the very beginning, Brinda had a clear, beautiful vision for her wedding day. She wanted an intimate vow exchange on the terrace of the gem of Milwaukee...the Italian Renaissance-style home on a bluff above Lake Michigan. You know the place, right?

Pulling out Italian-inspired details from Villa Terrace was always top of Brinda's mind. She loved the incorporation, and we carried it through where we could with food + beverage. Tutto il limoncello!

Having a micro wedding isn't usually a couple's first direction for their big day. It's usually...bigger. But for Brinda + Pulin, life was happening, and they didn't want to sacrifice a thing. With new jobs, news homes + graduation, they really didn't want to pause everything and save up for a large, cultural celebration.

Instead, they opted to lean into the season of intimate weddings (thanks to Covid-19), and celebrate their love with 10 family members.

Although a micro wedding of 12 people certainly requires less logistical planning, it's still very much a production. To be honest, when Brinda originally told me the time frame on this, my eyes widened. But, it takes a lot more to scare me! She and I got right to work.

Their wedding day, which - by the way - was a Monday, acted just as a 'typical' wedding would. Brinda and her ladies got their hair + makeup done, the couple had their first look in the courtyard, there was a brief ceremony + vow exchange, cocktail hour, photos + dinner.

With only 12 guests, I was like a free bird at this wedding.

What I mean is, I was soaring around Villa Terrace from vignette-to-vignette, styling the shit out of every experience for them. I was free to pull a floral arrangement from the ceremony, and style the getaway car photos. Constant freedom to curate these different experiences that Brinda + Pulin cared so much about. That was special.

Brinda + Pulin got to enjoy their cocktail display of Italian-inspired treats. There weren't clogged areas with guests - or long gaps of transition times. Brinda, Pulin + their families were able to mill about the gardens + museum, chatting about their new marriage and new future.

There's a certain style of wedding for every couple, and this intimate wedding at Villa Terrace (on a Monday) was the perfect style of wedding for Brinda + Pulin. An exceptional day from start to finish.

Although 33 days definitely sets a new record for me, I'd take a bit more lead time in the future *smirk*

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