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Here's why I love a Bridezilla

Milwaukee wedding planning with a purpose

I’ve dedicated 12 years to event planning; 10 of which have been spent producing really lovely weddings. And every year, I am gifted with a handful of self-proclaimed Bridezilla clients. I cherish these women.

The 2004 reality TV show, 'Bridezillas,' first introduced us to the Godzilla-like character who follows her dream wedding so blindly, that she creates an utter nightmare for everyone around her.

It’s no surprise that the term Bridezilla pulled negative connotations; and quickly became the antithesis of what any planning bride would want to be labeled as.

But I love a Bridezilla - and here’s why:

Unlike the horribly written and overly-dramatized TV show, a true, modern day Bridezilla is simply a bride who knows what she wants. Oftentimes, this individual is a type A personality; competitive, highly-organized, impatient and direct.

Because of the TV show and societal stereotypes, these planning brides feel such shame with this label, though. But I’m here to tell you this, Bridezillas; there’s no shame in that straightforward game!

Odds are really stacked against me as a successful wedding planner when I’m working with an über easy-going, indecisive bride who doesn’t really feel passionate about one thing or another.

They, sadly, get a bad rap, but no nonsense brides are actually the ones who see their dream day unfold in the end. It’s most often the result of their hard work + organization, and complete trust in their carefully-selected group of vendors.

Every now and again, I’m hit with the shallow notion that wedding planners swoop in and claim all the wedding decision-making. That we’re only meant to assist clients with consuming careers, who don’t care either way about flowers and food…

Incorrect! A good wedding planner - a seasoned wedding planner is there to intuitively organize all of your strengths and interests as a planning couple…and fill in the gaps of insecurity in the checklist so the entire process can be well-structured and fun. My job is to listen - hear your wedding vision, understand your interests and give you the tools to achieve and surpass all of those wedding day must-haves + dreams.

To summarize, a quick-thinking, organized, type A bride is going to make my job 5 times more constructive…and the entire experience more fun!

So no more being coy about your Bridezilla tendencies. Let that flag fly, sis! And for those of you planning brides who are cool cucumbers, maybe twist that fussy knob a notch or two and see what good comes of it. You might just be surprised.

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