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Forest witch wedding at The Tinsmith

Fallon + Chase's fall wedding in Madison

When you're wedding planning, there are a few nuggets of advice that people frequently give:

  • Keep it authentic

  • Personalize everything you can

  • Don't forget to eat

  • Soak it up - it goes by fast

You want to know who are the poster children for tackling this wedding to-do list entirely? Fallon + Chase.

These Madisonians stole my heart - completely - during our consultation call. Chase was always involved in the planning process, too; which was indicative of their amazing connection.

Throughout their planning journey, Fallon + Chase kept things very intentional. Many of our chats involved design aesthetic and curating a guest experience that felt like a literal hug from the couple.

Fallon loves plants, autumnal colors and dried flowers. She hand-propagated somewhere between 80-100 plant cuttings for their wedding favors. How's that for personalization?

When you walked into their wedding, they wanted it to feel like you just stepped into their home. And guests felt that.

Lisa, with Sunborn Gardens, was the natural choice when hoping to achieve Fallon's Forest Witch wedding vibe (that's a trademarked design, by the way). These wedding flowers were incredible - and Fallon + Chase's attire selections were so stunningly complimentary to the floral.

The week before their wedding, I helped compile their ceremony script binder - which meant I received both of their personal vows, private from one another, via email. What struck me; and what eventually struck everyone at their wedding ceremony were the similar anecdotes + notes of love in both documents. There was a sentence in both their vows that was almost identically written. Could two people be more beautifully in tune with one another?

Anyway, Fallon looked f*#%ing beautiful on the day. Sure, she had gorgeous makeup, lashes and hair - and a wedding dress material that was so unbelievably cool...but it was really just her.

She glowed with this uniqueness - when you're your most authentic self, I think you're the happiest. And you just tend to glow.

After cocktail hour, guests found hand-written thank you notes from the couple as escort cards. This level of personalization required so much time, love and effort.

As people began enjoying their meals, Fallon + Chase were enjoying their own meal - as newlyweds - in the bridal suite (alone!). A solid 35-minute immersion in their newest life milestone.

Fallon + Chase rejoined the reception on a special lounge to receive love and toasts from their siblings + parents.

And, not surprisingly, a close friend played acoustic guitar and sung their first dance song while everyone looked on. These two are shining stars. Prepare for all the warmth to come -

photog Marilyn Lamanna Photography venue The Tinsmith floral Sunborn Gardens catering Ball'n Biscuit Catering DJ Milwaukee Airwaves Beauty Rouje Bridal | Custom wood working, and paper goods designed by Fallon + Chase.

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