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Fall wedding at Turner Hall Ballroom

Eli + Anthony's postponed wedding was moody, eclectic and elegant af - with major 'Bucks in Six' energy

In my heart there's this very stylish, very warm nook that belongs, solely, to Eli and Anthony.

I had the joy and privilege to plan alongside Eli, her Mom Mary, and Anthony for the better part of 2019. And just as we were cooking on more finalized preparations, the 2020 lockdown gave us all a big shake of reality. In May 2020, Eli and Anthony made the gut wrenching decision to postpone their wedding to October 2021.

Don't get me wrong, I liked Eli and Anth from the very beginning. But, it wasn't until our post-postponement wedding planning started that I really fell in love with these two (and their families).

Perhaps it was because we'd all been through the thick of COVID stress - or simply just another year wiser; whatever the reason...Eli, Anthony and I hit our stride once we jumpstarted planning again.

We refocused on design. We refocused on ambiance. We refocused on Eli + Anthony...and it's truly what made this wedding so incredibly special.

Eli and Anthony have a very eclectic group of family + friends - with many varying talents. Their talents, services, etc. were all worthy of representation at the wedding - in the couple's minds. Eli and Anthony wanted to celebrate their love and marriage, while also highlighting their friends' + families' varying talents and skills.

One family/friend designed their invitation suite, seating board and table numbers. Another family/friend shared his gorgeous voice with the entire wedding during the ceremony processional. Another family/friend baked their wedding cake...I mean the list goes on.

These are two people who love hard and love honestly.

I remember being so intimidated by Eli and Anth at first, because they're so stylish and (let's be honest) hot. And while those two initial judgements never changed, I did begin to see the layers of love, support and community that Eli + Anthony's relationship was built on. Accessible and welcoming love all around.

A lot of people ask me, what's your favorite part of the job?

A week before their wedding, Anthony sent me a text message asking if I could edit his vows for him...he wanted my input on the flow. My favorite part of the job is getting messages like that.


Here's our feature in Green Wedding Shoes - with more photos, notes directly from the couple, and a complete vendor list. If you need to see their wedding video as much as I do, visit here. All photo and video by Mann Frau.

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