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Fall wedding at The Cooperage

Katelin + Charlie's Milwaukee wedding in autumn

As did most weddings of 2020, Katelin + Charlie's day went through a myriad of changes before its culmination.

Katelin reached out to me from the very beginning of their wedding planning journey, and knew that help needed to be comprehensive. With very busy work schedules, K + C needed assistance building their wedding from the ground up.

Originally slated for Church of the Gesu (MU alum) with a reception at The Cooperage, this celebration ended up being all at The Cooperage - starting with an intimate ceremony on their back lawn.

With many special (and secret) moments shared between us, Katelin, Charlie + I were just ready to do the damn thing come fall! Aside from the ceremony + reception itself, I was very excited about the floral installation that Katelin fell in love with, and boozy milkshakes for dessert! Katelin + Charlie were always thoughtful about inserting their personalities + interests into the day.

I'll save this magical post from being tarnished by keeping this next part short + bitter. In September, my husband's work sent him back into the office after working from home since March. During his first week back, he contracted Covid-19. Without knowing, he gave it to me. I received a positive Covid test 6 days before Katelin + Charlie's wedding.

These two had been through enough trying to navigate their wedding plans during a global pandemic. After cutting their guest list generously, and making several safety adjustments, this wedding just didn't need more obstacles. For that reason, I tried my damnedest to make this 'day-of' transition as seamless as humanly possible!

During consultation calls, I'm often asked what happens if you can't be there on the wedding day? Listen up, everyone. Here's what I did:

Immediately after experiencing my first Covid symptom, I (panic) messaged a couple of my wedding planning colleagues. A seasoned wedding planner should be able to consume my foundational documents, day-of timeline and general information; then execute the day without any issues. And that's exactly what Angela did from Fresh Coast Events.

From room layout + design board to meal selections + vendor contact lists...I sent 'all the things' to Angela. From there, we debriefed on the phone and talked through the day from start to finish. Minute by minute.

Katelin + Charlie had a stunning fall wedding at The Cooperage. It went off without a hitch, and they were so pleased with how it came together - especially given its many obstacles.

1,001 thank yous to Angela and this entire vendor team!

day-of planner Fresh Coast Events

Aside from Katelin's stunning bridal look, please prepare yourself for the epic floral installation from Courtney Joy. It's a crowd-pleaser x100.

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