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Fall Door County wedding at Northern Haus

A modern fall wedding with black and burgundy

This Door County wedding, per usual, was lovely as ever. There's just something so magical about that peninsula! Northern Haus was truly a crowning setting for Katelyn and Tommy's modern, fall wedding.

Picture a big, white barn-like structure, featuring soaring ceilings and chandeliers. With a chic and refined inside, you can really appreciate the 30-acre property surrounding the venue, too. Katelyn and Tommy held their ceremony in the Forest Retreat, which is a woodsy escape on the property.

Katelyn is a badass, you guys. Not only did she (firmly) suggest every one of her guests wear all black to the wedding, but she also rocked the hell out of these statement, pearl hairpins! You could see me in the corner of her bridal suite trying to bottle up even an ounce of her confidence. I love a woman who knows what she wants.

This couple's wedding vision included modern and elegant vibes - with a classic color palette + bold splash of edgy burgundy. All of which looked so cool against the stark white barn venue.

Outside of their fun Dracula-meets-Joanna Gaines aesthetic, Katelyn and Tommy just had this axiomatic connection that was judge-free and so, so loving. An example of this was their decision to have a first dance...away from their entire wedding reception.

Kaleigh Rae and I took Katelyn and Tommy out into the woods, I turned on Spotify, and the two of them had their first dance 15 feet away from us. It was intimate and super sweet. Just the two of them (and us, silently documenting and whispering awes).

It was also at this Door County fall wedding that I first met the dynamite mother-daughter florist team that is Folklore Flowers. What an honor! They absolutely nailed this classic mix of colors with a fall, crimson flair.

What's a fall wedding without a warm orange palette, pumpkins or blankets? It's this modern marvel - set in the serene woods of Door County, Wisconsin.

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