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Colorful Camp Wandawega wedding

Meet me at Camp Letke

I met Megan her freshmen year at Marquette, and she was a glowing spirit even then. And this ray of sunshine unexpectedly popped back into my life ten(ish) years later by way of wedding inquiry.

Like most couples, Meg + Brian went venue shopping shortly after their engagement. Almost immediately, they fell in love with Camp Wandawega. A wedding at Camp would nostalgically allow for quality time with family friends. This was paramount for the couple. The quirkiness of Camp Wandawega resonated in the quirkiness of Meg + Brian. Naturally, I was loving it all so much!

When we dove into planning, Meg + Brian's wedding vision was clear from the get-go. The focus was atmosphere - a bohemian, sustainable and nature-inspired weekend celebration with their kith and kin.

As stunningly unique + well-styled as Camp Wandawega is, she's just as much of a minx, logistically. Aside from needing general support to tackle this endeavor, Meg + Brian wanted to minimize option overload when planning. In their sights was a seamless event with smooth transitions + overarching organization.

Because Wandawega is so special, it requires a special group of creative professionals. Given Megan + Brian's budget and style, I really tried pulling together a thoughtful team of vendors with like-minded spirits. Caring for the history, nostalgia + nature of the setting.

Cass Murphy was a shoo-in. Not only does her style align perfectly with what Meg wanted in a photographer - but she had eloped in front of a Wandawega a-frame just one year earlier! Talk about good vibes.

Although they didn't have Cass photograph all of it, I wanted to give you a taste of Meg + Brian's entire wedding weekend...starting with a sweet, little Thursday in August. At sundown, they arrived at Camp and began to settle in.

Friday morning, we had immediate family around for breakfast + lake activities. My team and I prepped for camper registration - which was a blast! Campers began to arrive, and receive their maps, bunk assignments and welcome swag. Not to mention, a dip in the lake + cool beverage(s).

Friday night, Megan and Brian's close family and friends gathered on Picnic Hill for a summer barbecue, followed by mini pies + field activities in the moonlight.

Rightfully so, Meg + Brian enthusiastically leaned into the camp theme - coining their wedding location 'Camp Letke', and ordered the cutest felt pennants in existence. When this colorful wedding day finally came, energies were palpable.

I could go on and on about Camp Wandawega, the colorful (locally-grown) flowers, seasonal food, craft cocktails, styled lounges, and amazing weather. However - I need you all to listen up, now.

This partnership is one for the books. We talked about the history of Camp Wandawega - let's talk about the love between Meg + Brian. It feels historical. All of the aesthetics that went into this phenomenal weekend were second to the feeling that every wedding guest felt. The love between these two - and the love they have for their people.

When Megan + Brian were reading their vows, the air around all of us on the Camp chapel benches felt significant.

When helping produce this wedding weekend, I gained more love in my life. There has never been a wedding more physically taxing, and more rewarding than this one. Loads of love for the Letkes.

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