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What do wedding planners do on the day?

It's wedding season! And that's the understatement of the year. 2020 and its postponements have left our 2021 calendars with little-to-no room. The hustle has begun, and I'm honestly really anxious to get things moving again. Anxious in a positive way.

I've been working hard on assembling detailed wedding day timelines, and formulating final planning questionnaires. During production meetings, I watch as my clients field questions that they weren't expecting - like 'how do you want your napkins folded?'

More often than not, couples begin to visualize their entire day - from start to finish. They realize that, although they're relatively untraditional, their wedding day is still very much a production. Needing to be produced. The puzzled faces then turn to me, and ask 'do you do that, too?'

I find it nearly impossible to demonstrate my wedding planning + design services. They're not tangible; most are intuitive and, frankly, unplanned. I strongly encourage potential clients to text, email or at least creep my past clients on social media. The most accurate account of what it is that I actually do on the wedding day can be given by my married couples!

Although this random list of tasks is not one that I review during consultation calls, I do think it could be insightful! What do I actually do on the day? Here, I jot down random things that I’ve done at addition to the broader services outlined in my custom planning proposals. Kind of for fun + in no particular order:

1. Pin on boutonnieres

2. Tie on corsages

3. Greet vendors

4. Answer vendor set-up questions

5. Make sure vendors are hydrated + eating

6. Find a room for nursing Moms to pump

7. Family mediation

8. Bustle dresses

9. Deal with seating chart drama

10. Field questions about the venue; toilet paper refills, where can you smoke, etc.

11. Clean + prep the bridal suite

12. Stand in the rain and hold umbrellas

13. Move furniture

14. Stand on ladders and change light bulbs

15. Handle dogs, when they’re in the ceremony

16. Handle the wedding cake; move it, top it, cut it

17. Run out for ice, alcohol, food, prescription medication, candles, batteries

18. Check on vendor’s contractual services

19. Pick up, unload, set-up, snip and arrange flowers

20. Carry wedding gifts back to the bridal suite

21. Collect all wedding cards and bring to the bridal suite

22. Arrive early

23. Stay late

24. Style details for photographers; style each table setting + get the room photo ready

25. Plate cocktail hour appetizers for the couple to eat

26. Refill the groom's beer before he asks

27. Cue musicians

28. Print out speeches in the hotel lobby

29. Facilitate reception speeches

30. Double + triple-check the couple’s work; seating charts, meal choices, RSVPS

31. Set up/tear down chairs, tables, photo booths, backdrops, games, buffets

32. Sew woman into her dress

33. Steam dresses + suits

34. Sew on buttons

35. Tape hemlines

36. Hot glue heels

37. Eat hot dogs

38. Cut and rehydrate flowers

39. Give hugs

40. Reassure

41. Clean up vomit

42. Officiate

Sometimes I wish that the services I provide were tangible. But for now, this is it! I'll be busy this wedding season, but can't wait to see you 'round.

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