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Bridal bouquets from 2020

Wisconsin florists brought it with these bundles-

2020 wasn't all bad. Believe it or not, I still produced 15 weddings last year! Naturally, because of Covid-19, these celebrations all looked a bit different than what we're used to. But, some things remained unchanged.

Every bridal bouquet has a story. I really love that; and that there's a florist fit for every couple! Some brides are looking for a small but full bundle to hold down the aisle, while other brides are drawn to a more dramatic look.

If you do your research, and ensure that your florist gets your 'vibe,' the result should be dynamite! Almost as if the bouquet illustrates some small, special pieces of your personality.

With that said, I find much joy in sharing all the different bouquets from my 2020 weddings. From a bundle of Trader Joe's blooms to a locally-foraged statement bouquet, they're all here for your consumption:

Impressions by Esther Fleming, photo by the Uttkes

Milwaukee Flower Co., photo by Sarah Glick

Sunborn Gardens, photo by Sarah Glick

Ladies holding lavender bundles for Andrew + David's day - photo by Glass & Grain Photography.

Milwaukee Flower Co., photo by Wanderlynn Photography

Lovely Trader Joe's bundle for this backyard wedding - photo by Chelsea Matson

Cora Flora Studio, photo by East Elm Photography

Feisty Flowers, photo by Twig & Olive

Wood Violet Mke, photo by Chelsea Matson

Milwaukee Flower Co., photo by Anna Page

Erika from Flowers For Dreams, photo by Audre Rae

Erika from Flowers For Dreams, photo by the Uttkes

Courtney Joy Floral, photo by Chelsea Matson

Wood Violet Mke, photo by Sarah Glick

Alt's Milwaukee, photo by Cassie Rosch

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