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Bridal beauty in Milwaukee

Editorial inspiration for every modern Wisconsin bride

After being a part of the Milwaukee wedding industry for nearly 10 years, I'm kind of stepping into my 'seasoned' season.

Yes, I'm getting older...but this new season also means that I'm tenured on weddings in Wisconsin, and know exactly who to go to for what.

I often reference this network of reliable vendors that I lean on, and this is nothing to take lightly. Truthfully, this network is a large portion of why my clients book me in the first place! Planning couples want the best - they want the most seasoned team of creative professionals, working collectively to produce their wedding day. Seamlessly.

With that in mind, I tapped a few of my fellow, seasoned colleagues to see if they'd want to do something fun. Just pure, unadulterated bridal fun. And this beauty and floral inspiration editorial was the result!

First, I must commend this wildly talented group of creative professionals. They are true artists, and continue to inspire my seasoned ass, year-after-year: Wanderlynn Photography, Jessie Austin Weddings, Sunborn Gardens, Wide Eyed Bride, Lexi Lee Hair, Strike Bridal Bar/Rare Bridal Bar.

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