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Bourbon in the industrial garden

The one where Sophie + Corey get married (at the Factory on Barclay)

Sophie + Corey felt confident that they had all of the major wedding vendors booked, but needed some help + reassurance that all of the final details would actually come together into a cohesive event.

It's not always the case that I jump into planning with my clients from the very beginning. Some, like these two, have laid an amazing foundation. It's just my job to come in and finish off the top few floors. Construction metaphors? Sure.

I remember my consultation call with Sophie like it was yesterday, because we talked while she + Corey strolled along a Florida beachfront. They were taking a little vacation, and the ocean waves in the background soothed me during our chats.

Sophie is a MD, and Assistant Professor of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Children’s Hospital. Credentials even aside, she's the type of woman I hope my daughter grows to be. She's beautiful, self-assured, smart, funny and loving. Planning alongside Sophie was really enjoyable. She's direct without being a bitch, thorough, and so thoughtful. She has her 'people,' and that's a lucky bunch.

From the very beginning, I felt Sophie + Corey reflected in their wedding plans + vision. If Rosewood is all about authentic weddings, than this was so obviously a Rosewood wedding!

They enjoy traveling + exploring new restaurants - especially fun mixology joints and bourbon distilleries. Cue the bourbon distillery table names, and 200+ bottles that really brought the theme home! Industrial, chic, modern and formal are words Sophie used to describe their wedding style. Drawn to the industrial + modern vibes, they hit the mark with The Factory on Barclay.

Erika with Flowers for Dreams truly brought the garden into this industrial, bourbon-infused scene. The palette was soft, with lots of greenery - sage mixed with warmer tones like pink, apricot and toffee.

This day was so special. Too many thoughtful details to even count! Here's some more from our team back in July:

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