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With over 12 years of producing events - 10 of which specifically spent on weddings - I'm finally comfortable with considering myself an expert. Instead of keeping these career lessons and tools to myself, I find fulfillment in sharing them for continual education and growth. 

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Too often creative professionals are left wandering the island of unknowns. With drive and passion to boot, they’re still stuck with insecurity and a lack of resources. My hope here is to offer approachable resources in the Rosewood Shop that weren’t available to me starting out. 

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Although the motto fake it ’till you make it is useful in some instances, I find it irresponsible when handling a clients’ wedding day - and thousands of dollars.


Rather than hoarding these wedding planning supplies, I’m aiming to educate creative entrepreneurs, wedding planners and planning couples so they don’t have to fake much at all.


Putting the essential information out there will create beautiful events and confident professionals. What’s better?

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