About me

I'm Danielle Rose - the gal behind Rosewood Weddings, a full service wedding planning + design company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

I grew up nature-inspired, eating a lot of pasta, and wedding-obsessed. I bought a subscription for The Knot Magazine my sophomore year of high school. And during college, I attended local wedding expos with a fake engagement ring on (that I bought from Claire's). I just love it all- the details, the creativity, the couples & their stories. 

During college + upon graduating from Marquette University, I dedicated 8 years to event planning; 6 of which have been spent producing really lovely weddings.


Now here I am, a wife + Mom to two incredible babies, literally running the business I've always dreamed of.  And I'm so looking forward to sharing all that joy with you as we jump into this adventure together!

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About you

Is Rosewood Weddings right for you? So much of wedding planning is centered around communication. And if you're truly comfortable with your Planner, you can really make magic happen. So, is this a fit? I've come up with a few statements to get you started:


-Your focus isn’t so much on ‘epic,’ as it is to evoke feeling


-You can laugh at yourself


-You want to celebrate "Real love; ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each other-love’ (SATC fans?)


-You’re envisioning your wedding as an intimate experience + hoping someone can seamlessly carry that vision through


-You like chocolate chip cookies, cake, brownies + other baked goods

chelsea matson photography

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