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frequently asked questions

​Do you produce weddings all over Wisconsin? Do you have a travel fee?

Yes! I am open to travel anywhere; however, I find that Rosewood weddings typically take place in the greater Milwaukee area. I do request a hotel stay for weddings more than two hours from my home base in Fox Point. But, I don’t charge for mileage or travel time.

I'm getting married in Wisconsin, but I don't live there. Can I still work with you?

Abs-o-lutely. If you’re getting married in Wisconsin but live in a different state, then we should definitely work together. All the more reason you’ll need a Planner to help with pre-wedding & day-of tasks. I’ve worked with a few couples that lived out of state. We spent a lot of time talking over the phone, video chatting & meeting when they were in town. I’ll be your boots on the ground!​

My venue has a Coordinator - do I still need a Wedding Planner?

So, a Venue Coordinator and Wedding Planner are two different roles. While they most certainly overlap in some ways, Venue Coordinators are truly experts on the property & facilities. There’s still an added value to having a Wedding Planner that is an expert on you; your vision, your other vendors and the acute details of your timeline. Here's my favorite blog on the topic!


Do you charge for an initial consultation? 

No, my initial consultations are complementary. I really like to be thoughtful during these conversations & get to know you, ensuring we’re the best fit for your wedding needs.


How much communication will we have? 

We can communicate as frequently or as little as you’d like in person or via email, phone or text. It is my promise to reply to all messages within 24 business hours.


Why don't you offer Day-of Coordination?

I shy away from offering the traditional day-of type planning because I don’t like to be responsible for executing an event that I’m not at least minimally involved in planning. You'll find that most seasoned planners only offer partial or full planning. For me, it's because the comfortability and relationship we develop is so important in executing an authentically beautiful wedding day for you.


How many weddings do you take on a year?

I aim to take on no more than 15 weddings per year. That number, for me, allows for the perfect balance to turn out the most quality weddings that I can, while also fulfilling my roles as mom & wife.


Do you work alone? What if you have an emergency on my wedding day?

Yes, I work alone. However, for weddings that exceed 300 guests, I will contract out a colleague to assist me. And, yes, emergencies do occur. Fortunately, I have wildly talented event planning colleagues who would step in for me if need be. With my systematic workflow & foundational documents well kept, a colleague of mine can confidently step-in and produce a beautiful day for you. These 'plan B' references are available upon request. 

Here are some additional questions & answers from a blog I wrote on finding the right planner for you.