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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And even though poor Thanksgiving hasn’t gotten its time to shine yet, Nat King Cole is already on the radio and there's snow on the ground in Wisconsin. Winter isn’t coming – it’s here (GOT fans?).

A lot of people give me grief, but I’m partial to winter! The snow & cold don’t bother me. I also got married on March 1 and it snowed that afternoon. So, winter weddings hold a special place in my heart.

Even though, as Wisconsinites, we can’t have an outdoor wedding in the wintertime, don’t be discouraged! Winter weddings are some of the best weddings. They are festive, fun and get everyone out when they're tired of being cooped-up. Here are my favorite winter wedding add-ins:

(more) Fur

I say, if ever there’s a chill in the air, throw on some (faux) fur! Especially during the winter months, there’s something about fur textures that emulate all things cozy. Your fur add-in can me as simple as a hand muff, or a full on vintage heirloom coat.


One thing to really iron out while planning a winter wedding is if you want it to include Christmassy elements or not. A lot of couples worry that their winter wedding will feel like another Christmas party – not true. You can absolutely have a winter wedding with no Christmas inclusions. A perfect example of this is mistletoe! My clients Shannon & Craig are having their florist put together an oversized mistletoe for their January wedding. This will act as a photo opportunity for guests in lieu of a booth or backdrop. The mistletoe plant is festive, wintery and romantic. Just don’t eat the berries because they’re poisonous. Talk about a mood killer.

Comfort food

Yes! Leave the small bites and finger foods for the summer barn weddings, and bring on the melted cheese. Everyone loves to warm up on a chilly night with hot soup, homemade bread and all the butter. So have fun with your favorite comfort foods, like potpies, beef wellington, creamy sauces and stews. Your wedding guests will love the surprise of something different, and they’ll stay warmer in the snow with those extra lbs.


Red, as a wedding color, is pretty bold. I don’t think you can get away with it too often. However, red for a winter wedding is perfection! With neutral accents, red can pull your entire winter wedding theme together; red throws, red berries, red punch, red dresses, red velvet, red bouts, red cards, and a bold red lip!


Wreaths are just so cute. They take up a lot of space; they’re playful, versatile and welcoming! You can have wreaths with just greens, greens and flowers, greens and berries…the list goes on. Your florist will have fun with more playful décor, and guests are reminded of a welcoming entryway with wreaths around your wedding venue. Especially if your budget doesn't allow for importing non-seasonal flowers, explore wreaths, in all shapes and sizes.


It’s a marshmallow world in the winter. And marshmallows are delicious. How about handmade marshmallow bundles as a fun wedding favor? Because guests can eat them by themselves (on the car ride home), or throw them in their cocoa or coffee. With many gourmet marshmallow companies out there, finding a flavor that resonates with you is super easy. Fluffy marshmallows, fluffy snow - perfection.


Another great way to highlight the season sans Yuletide, is with (non-Christmas) trees! My winter wedding stars Shannon & Craig are also incorporating trees in their wedding – specifically, a winter tree-lined ceremony backdrop. Faux trees can do a lot for your winter wedding décor; they’ll fill up space, soften hard lines and exude warm familiarity. And the fake tree options are endless – spruce, fir, pine, etc.


Besides fur, velvet is my favorite texture! Velvet has been a go-to wintertime textile for forever. It’s warming, aesthetically pleasing and chic. Adding velvet doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Here are some easy ways to incorporate velvet: flower girl dress, bridal belt, bridal headband, table runner, cake table linen, bridal bouquet wrap, invitation bow, etc.

Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa, or any warm beverage, at a winter wedding is like offering cold lemonade at a summer wedding. Cocoa is warming, comforting, and delicious. It’ll bring your wedding guests back to simpler times. Have fun with a hot coca bar, or even tasty coffee add-ins like baileys Irish cream and cinnamon sticks. Want to really wow your winter wedding guests? Make hot white cocoa!


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