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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

New York Fashion Week: Bridal begins this week (Oct 4-7) and, although I weirdly didn’t get invited, I’m on an adrenaline rush - pure excitement! Wedding gowns are incredible, and there’s an absolute science behind creating such exceptional dresses that make women feel more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.

Yeah, I’m accepting the judgments – I’ve been obsessed with wedding gowns (and all the bridal fixins) for my entire life. As a teenager, I asked my Mom for a subscription to The Knot Magazine three Christmases in a row before she gave in to my weird interest. To me, a Bride is a woman in her most untouchable, badass & beautiful state. Which is why wedding dress shopping generates a lot of anxiety. It’s a lot of pressure, no doubt! But you’re stunning, so don’t sweat it.

After wedding dress shopping with many different clients, friends & family, I’ve seen some things. I’ve seen some really unforgettable moments…and some bummer situations that I’d like to forget. In hindsight, I’ve come up with a couple of lists to help you at your first wedding dress appointment: here’s 3 things to bring, and 3 things to say:

3 things to bring:

  1. Accessories - if you have any accessories (like a family heirloom) or you know that you want to rock a statement necklace for your bridal look, bring that along at your appointment. It may seem premature, but if you have beautiful chandelier earrings, wearing them in the fitting room will probably make or break how you feel about certain gowns.

  2. Undergarments - again, this might seem premature, but you can't be too prepared when dress shopping. If you wear Spanx or shapers with evening gowns or cocktail dresses, I'd imagine you'll wear them on your wedding day. Undergarments like Spanx, corsets, strapless bras, etc., will absolutely change the fit of a gown, so pack them in a bag or wear them under your outfit so you can get a comprehensive feel of your shape in the dresses.

  3. Support - this seems like a no-brainer, right? It's actually very easy for women to bring along some not-so-supportive people to their wedding dress appointments. As I've said before, the pressure around wedding dress shopping is immense, and these days it's treated like a bachelorette party or something. Having that said, be sure to bring along people who support you in honesty and love. Don't invite people just because you think you should...those are bound to be the people who don't make the experience as positive as it should be.

I was really 'wild' and went wedding dress shopping with my Fiancé, which did two things: pissed my Mom off, and took a ton of stress off me; because he was honest, we had fun, and he's the one I really wanted to wow on our wedding day (so his input was unparalleled).

Okay, you're at your appointment and you've brought those 3 things...

3 things to say:

  1. I'm getting married at... No, it's not oversharing - let your Stylist know where you are getting married. Naturally, your Stylist will pull dresses that are more appropriate for your venue, such as a ballgown for a hotel ballroom venue, or an airy organza dress for a lakefront wedding. But, even more so, can the Stylist keep in mind your wedding venue as it pertains to what you are walking on. Are you traipsing through grass, ornate carpet, gravel, etc? This all plays a role in what your 'perfect' gown might be.

  2. My wedding date is... Depending on when you begin dress shopping, you should always be thinking of how your wedding date will affect your experience. Most wedding dresses take four to six months to arrive. Additionally, they may require two to three months for alterations. So, if you're shopping close to your wedding date, you may be limited to samples or off-the-rack gowns (which is totally OK).

  3. This isn't comfortable... Another obvious one - but don't hesitate to be candid with your Stylist. After all, he/she will be seeing a lot of you! Sometimes things feel uncomfortable, but can be altered or adjusted. If you absolutely love a gown, but some boning is sticking out, let the Stylist know what's not feeling right and where. It could be a simple fix!

As you begin your dress-shopping journey, lean into that pressure and anxiety because the end result will blow you away (and be totally worth it)! In the meantime, here's some inspiration as NYBFW nears - dress designers that my Bride's have chosen:

Carol Hannah

Inbal Dror

Made With Love



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