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This laid back wedding at Camp Wandawega reminds us how sweet marriage equality is.

Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I know that Camp Wandawega is a hidden gem that transforms into the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding weekends. This past August, I had the pleasure of producing a colorful, laid-back wedding weekend for Chris and Blake.

The festivities kicked off on Friday night with a hearty welcome dinner that set the tone for the entire weekend.

The air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of a slow-roasting pig, expertly prepared and served as the centerpiece of the evening. Guests gathered around rows of picnic tables, adorned with colorful banners, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Saturday morning brought a burst of energy with a field day extravaganza - facilitated by Blake, who is a vivacious yoga instructor. The campgrounds buzzed with laughter and friendly competition as everyone participated in the Survivor-inspired games.

The lakeside setting provided the perfect backdrop for these lighthearted activities. Walking through the property, I saw some folks reading on hammocks, napping on the hill and grabbing a cup of coffee; it’s the precise way camp weddings should play out. Complete saturation into the rich nostalgia & landscape.

Following the heartfelt ceremony in the chapel (and Blake’s ultra-highkick), the celebration continued with a Mediterranean-style feast under the sailcloth tent. As the night progressed, the party took a super fun turn with late night hot dog roasting & a silent disco.

Two remarkable men, Chris and Blake, orchestrated a truly unforgettable weekend.

Their wedding was a testament to authenticity, prioritizing genuine moments and meaningful connections with each of their guests. Unconcerned with unnecessary embellishments, they focused on the essence of their commitment to each other, cherishing the celebration alongside their nearest & dearest.

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