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The wedding review to end all wedding reviews

Nicole reviews our wedding planning experience

Perhaps the hip kids will call this a 'shameless plug,' but a gift this good just has to be shared. Nicole reviewed our wedding planning experience, and her notes are incredible.

This is exactly how I hope and wish and pray every one of my clients feels after working with me. This review feels better than the money I received for the service itself (probably why I'm broke - also am a Cancer).

This review, for me, ends all reviews. I'll continue to work hard every single day so that my clients feel feelings like these. Thank you Nicole for sharing this:

Looking back at our September 2020 wedding, I am so grateful we had the foresight to hire Danielle. We first met with her in early 2019 with my parents, who were admittedly on the fence about hiring a planner for our wedding. At our first meeting, it was clear that Danielle would treat our wedding, and the diverse cultures we wanted to celebrate, with care and respect.

To my mom’s surprise, Danielle was familiar with the Filipino traditions we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony, which was a major plus for us. Danielle is humble, caring, organized, and thoughtful. Her calm confidence put all of us at ease and as soon we left our meeting my mom turned to us and exclaimed, “She is perfect for us!” (it also probably helped that she brought us sugar cookies that she baked with her precious kiddos!)

As a bride who really reveled in the creative direction of our wedding, Danielle was the perfect partner to bounce ideas off of and provide helpful insight for my many, many ideas. I consider my style to be more hip, modern and unique (think of the wedding inspo you’d see in Vogue, The Cut or Domino), and it was very empowering to have Danielle’s perspective and fresh eye for decor. It can be so hard to find someone with her kind of aesthetic and creativity in the Midwest.

When I felt strongly about a certain aspect of the day, she provided honest feedback. When I wanted beautiful, vintage furniture, she knew who to call. When I wanted custom stationary within our budget, she paired us with the perfect vendor.

Speaking of vendors - we learned very quickly that name-dropping Danielle to prospective vendors went a long way. She has put years into building up a network of the best, kindest, and most talented friends and colleagues in the Milwaukee wedding industry; and has a beautiful portfolio of unique weddings to prove it. We never felt pressured into working with anyone she knew, but her recommendations were so obviously great that we often had no choice!

When COVID-19 hit, Danielle went above and beyond in keeping us, our guests and vendors safe. She organized multiple meetings with us and our vendor team to ensure everyone had proper PPE and felt comfortable executing every aspect of our day. Her relationship with the amazing crew at the Ivy House, coupled with her familiarity with the space went a long way, especially as the weather threw off a lot of the logistical plans of our day.

In short, Danielle is the best! It was an honor to have her on our team for our wedding. I wish we could get married again just to plan another amazing day with her.

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