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Summer weddings at Ivy House

Summertime in the Good Land with wedding celebrations at Ivy House

It's one of my favorite venues in the entire state. Clearly, I'm not alone because the Ivy House is always booked years in advance for inquiring planning couples.

Fortunately, I had the honor (with the Uttkes) of producing wedding celebrations at this beloved venue twice in these early summer months.

First, for Maggie + Ric mid June - and then Kenzie + Erik the following weekend. These couples shared my love for all things Ivy House - from the crawling greenery and built-in beauty, to the musical savvy from floor to ceiling.

Vows were exchanged at Fernweh, and both couples enjoyed the magic of first dances underneath the string lights. It's a slice of industrial heaven in the Good Land, and I was so honored to have played a small role in these two wedding days.

Let's start with Maggie + Ric's colorful Sunday celebration:

Kenzie + Erik expertly planned this greenery-filled day with quintessential wedding day delights like Tall Guy and a Grill, Purple Door Ice Cream and Bucky Badger!

As a nod to Erik's Chinese heritage, they offered egg rolls, wontons and dumplings for late night eats...and it was the most bad ass spread I've ever seen. What's better, really?

Weather threatened us a bit throughout the day, but we ultimately stuck it out with towels + umbrellas at the ready. Well worth it, I'd say!

If I could discover a way to bundle up Kenzie's intelligence, assuredness, thoughtfulness and beauty...and ingest it - I would definitely do that. She's a gift to all who know her. Here's a bit of their day:

*All photos by the Uttkes

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