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Back in August, I had the opportunity to style an editorial shoot for Premier Bride Magazine. It really stemmed from my connection with the Artist Group Photo & Video. Katy and I talked over some options, because the shoot already had a planner coordinating the day. So, I stepped in as the photo shoot stylist.

What made this shoot particularly special, was bringing in my brother, Matt, to co-style with me! Matt, a seasoned producer and stylist, worked at Bon Ton for a little over a decade, and now owns a consulting firm called Northern Lad Productions. Involving him was literally a win-win.

With a mix of #bts pictures that I snapped with my phone, and finalized tear sheets from the magazine, I thought I’d take you through our day of sweaty styling:

We arrived at the vineyard with our styling kits, extra undergarments, tarps, blankets, steamers & coffee. We opened a closet door filled with designer wedding gowns from White Dress and Bucci's Bridal - not a bad way to start the day. And so dress prep began.

The first look was super fun, but the most challenging as a stylist, because we were in the thick of a wooded area; sitting our model on a mossy log, over a creek. What a beautiful shot - but very tricky indeed! The model from The Rock Agency came out in her day clothes and got into the gown on-site. We made a trail of tarps and sheets to the log. She may look like she just gracefully settled down on that log, but she's very meticulously placed under layers of waterproof material.

I know I'm just a sucker for a statement gown, but this Lazaro look was my absolute favorite. I remember holding this pink strapless sparkle Lazaro ballgown over my head, walking it to the site, and my arms were just trembling. She owned this look; as you can imagine, this dress could make anyone feel like queen bee. And there's a pun! Because we did have a bee encounter during this look.

So, Matt and I got the model up on the pink throne from Relics Vintage Rentals, and just had given Katy the OK to begin shooting, when I noticed my brother still standing behind the model. Mind you, it's like 85 degrees, every vendor and editor is watching the shot, and Matt's lingering, calling me over.

I ran over, while hearing the sighs of confusion & impatience from onlookers, and Matt gives me this curious stare that only a sibling could interpret correctly. I looked down at his hand which was clenched at the model's back. A huge bee had flown into the gown's skirt, and Matt trapped it in a tulle-bubble so it couldn't get lost and potentially cause a little model meltdown.

At this point, Katy is irritated and literally shouts, 'What's going on with styling?' I yelled back, 'one more minute,' while reaching up the model's dress, feeling around to meet Matt's hands. We finally got the bee loose (because #savethebees), and ran out of the shot.

This dress, crown and look will always hold a special place in my heart. As will the queen bee. And these beautiful flowers in the cake and decor by Bank of Flowers!

Styling is exhilarating! We were always right behind the photographers ready to jump in and correct skirting, tape the neckline, swap accessories, etc. The same went with HMUA teams, who were nearby for adjustments and corrections. We finished the day off in the vineyard with badass bridal booties.


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