rustic wedding theme misconception

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Recently I was chatting with a client, discussing her wedding theme & vision. She was struggling to identify her theme in words, but finally gave in and said,

“I guess rustic, but not like mason jars & burlap.”

Poor rustic wedding theme, you’ve gone and gotten yourself wrapped up in some very definitive style associations.

I think what happened was: several years ago the, still current & lovely, barn-wedding venue became a sensation. But barn weddings also became associated with the (also trending at the time) styling of mason jars, burlap and Grandma’s old lace doilies. Although couples do envision a rustic wedding theme that includes those associated elements, it most certainly does not have to. Rustic is not limited to wine barrels and cowboy boots.

Let me put my English degree to good use here and tell you that the word ‘rustic’ is an adjective describing a certain simplicity and charm - often found in the countryside or rural areas. Design elements like exposed brick, terra cotta and wood are all rustic in style.

I’ve always loved a rustic wedding theme because it brings in a lot of warmth. When I think rustic, I think of a worn, brick fireplace or a pastoral scene. All beautiful things! Rustic is a complex wedding theme; one with much more depth than it’s known for.

Try to stray away from making definitive associations when choosing a wedding theme. Just like classic-themed weddings don’t always take place in grand ballrooms, rustic weddings are varied in many wonderful ways. Explore and have fun with mixing & matching themes. Dive into them and stretch them out – unfolding all of their layers and style capabilities.


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