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It all started with a wedding I was working. A long time ago, I was prepping this beautiful cake table and realized that I was missing some very important tools required for the traditional cake-cutting moment. Can you guess which tools were missing?

I knew the couple didn’t bring a cutting knife. Honestly, I don’t even think they registered for one. And I didn’t have enough time to run out somewhere – even to get a crappy pie cutter or something. I had literally allocated a portion of their reception to a ‘cake cutting’ moment and had nothing to cut the cake with. It’s just one of those seemingly insignificant but defining moments where you think – lessons learned.

The venue’s kitchen had this terrifying machete hanging on the wall and we just went with it. It definitely gave the cake-cutting portion of the evening a bit of a Game of Thrones twist - but that’s cool. All’s well that ends well, right?

After that mishap, I went out and bought a neutral cake-cutting knife and server, and I never leave to work a wedding without them.

And as couples started wanting their stationery suites photographed, I began bringing cute props along with, too; ring boxes, ring pillows, scissors, blooms and other fun things I picked up vintaging that I love.

A little Planner’s secret is to bring along two neutral wedding bands; on the off chance that the person who is responsible for the rings forgets to bring them and smells like spiced rum. That lesson was learned and is a story for another day.

In addition to my go-to wedding emergency kit, I started noticing how much other shit I was carrying around on wedding days. Over the years, I’ve just acquired so many practical and décor items for weddings and events. With so many ‘lessons’ learned and cute finds, I decided to (with my Husband’s gentle nudging) organize all of these items in an online inventory.

If you've signed a Rosewood Weddings contract with me, please know that any of the items in my inventory are yours to use come wedding day (free of charge). Be it 200 gold chargers, or one velvet ring box for styling, they’re here for the borrowing and I’ll happily bring them along on wedding day.


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