potted plants at your wedding

I’d be lying if I told you that I’ve always been a ‘plant mom.’ Up until like three years ago, I couldn’t keep a succulent alive – seriously. My mom has always had a magical green thumb. I grew up with her outside gardening, planting, weeding and watering. She always knew how much and how often to water certain plants; and it’s always different for herbs, flowers, vegetables, bushes, etc. I never understood how she remembered all of that.

I truly doubted my inheritance of Mom’s green thumb. It wasn’t until I had babies of my own that I got a bit more confident in my ‘plant parenting.’ After some trial and error, I realize it just takes a lot of patience and trust – mainly entrusting your plant to use the tools you’ve given it to grow, grow, grow!

So, you could imagine my excitement, as a pseudo-official plant mom, when I began to notice the newest wedding trend of potted plant décor!

These days it’s really all about ambiance. Couples are really exploring their control over their wedding day atmosphere and environment. Wedding themes like, English garden, or tropical romance can really shine through and beautifully saturate an event space with the addition of some on-theme, lush potted plants.

A few things that I love about incorporating potted plants into a ceremony or reception space are as follows:

1. They fill up space in a really lovely way. Full plants like ferns or mature hydrangeas add height, color and softness to their surroundings. Potted plants are inviting, familiar and, more often than not, give off really nice scents!

2. They can be budget-friendly! Let’s say you’re looking for two full floral arrangements to frame your wedding ceremony, or a floral arch installment; although beautiful, you’re talking about $500-$1,000 dollars in florals for that aspect of décor alone. Instead, you could line your aisle with 8 10-inch potted plants for under $110. I have found split leaf philodendron plants at Costco on sale for $12.98!

3. You can (and should) reuse! Keep your gorgeous potted plant as home décor or give them out as gifts to your supportive family/friends.

To incorporate potted plants into your wedding ceremony or reception décor, I would first think about your wedding theme. If your theme is rustic romance, research plants often found in the woods or countryside, like male ferns. Maybe your wedding is French country-inspired; you’d perhaps plant some mature lavender in worn terra cotta pots.

Whatever the theme or budget, try exploring potted plants as another element of your wedding floral or décor. Scroll through for more plant inspiration:


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