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Our 10-year vow renewal in Maui

Rosewood Weddings family vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii

Many of my clients planning their weddings find it quite surprising that I got married at the age of 23. Honestly, looking back, it does seem a bit wild!

As I help couples in their late 20s to late 30s navigate the ups and downs of wedding planning, I can't help but reflect on how young we were when we tied the knot! It took me a good few years to figure out who I really was and be cool with it—something I definitely preach to my Rosewood clients while we're in the thick of things.

Our recent 10-year wedding anniversary held profound significance for us, marking not just a milestone in time but also a journey of growth and discovery. Perhaps the most notable aspect is how we've evolved together, nurturing our individual personalities, spirits, and strengths.

My mother's words echo in my mind: "You can't fully love another until you love yourself." In the context of my marriage, this sentiment rings undeniably true.

While our love was strong from the start, it deepened and flourished as I learned to love and appreciate myself, navigated the joys and challenges of pregnancy, and the adventure of raising children.

Given our sweet connection to Hawaii, Paul and I decided it was the perfect setting to renew our vows, with our kiddos by our side as witnesses. True to our laid-back nature, we chose a sunrise ceremony on the beach, just the four of us.

It was no surprise that our personal vows shared common themes after a decade of marriage. Through life's trials and tribulations, our love has truly remained easy and for that I’m grateful.

And in terms of gratitude, nothing compares to the overwhelming love we feel for our incredible children. Having Emma and Hank present to witness our recommitment to each other was the ultimate gift.

Although, during the heartfelt ceremony moments, our kids found more interest in spotting a sea lion on the beach. Understandably so!

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