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Milwaukee bridal makeup

All your questions answered by Shalisa Elizabeth Artistry

Staying in the main stream of our wedding industry is so important to me. Aside from getting to know my couples, the modern industry savvy helps me produce my best weddings. This ongoing education includes wedding dress styles, catering trends, floor plan efficiencies, lodging accommodations, and so much more.

There is, however, a chink in my armor. I'm lost on all things bridal makeup. This may or may not be directly related to my personal makeup incompetence. But whatever the case may be, I thought it was time we shed a little light on the subject.

From airbrushing to lash extensions, I'm constantly fielding questions from my brides about wedding day makeup. It's about damn time that I get you the answers you deserve!

If anyone is #makeupgoals it's Shalisa. Last year, Shalisa Elizabeth Artistry popped up on one of my frantic 'Milwaukee wedding makeup' searches. She seemed to be a perfect recommendation for my bride, Nicole.

Her reputation quickly preceded her on the wedding day. Shalisa is known for chic makeup with a soft touch. She follows celebrity makeup artists who remain top leaders in the industry for effortless beauty and trendsetting technique (See, it's all about staying current in your field!).

Shalisa was kind enough to answer the most common bridal makeup questions I hear brides ask:

Q: If I’m looking to book a seasoned makeup artist for my wedding, how far in advance should I secure the service?

A: You should secure your makeup artist as soon as possible. Some of us book out as far as 1-2 years. Chances are there are several brides who are also interested in your date. Makeup should be as important as securing a venue. The glam captured in photos is forever. Save yourself and secure the best, quickly!

What is the final verdict on airbrush makeup? Is it a must on wedding day?

A seasoned artist can strategically use products to mimic airbrush makeup— but there’s nothing like the original. It’s a quick, effortless solution for photo-ready, tear/party proof makeup. It’s like a glam inspired Instagram filter. Airbrush is long wearing, water/sweat resistant and provides a velvet finish—a veil (no pun intended) on top of the skin. It photographs beautifully and is highly suggested for bridal.

How about false eyelashes? Is this more about drama, or a wise addition for professional photos?

I always recommend lashes for bridal makeup. You can choose them based on your personal tastes, as they range from individuals, clusters, wispy, standard lash and the most luxurious- mink. I select lashes based on my bride’s style, eye shape and the makeup. Lashes enhance the look, open up the eyes and add a glam finish to makeup. And they’re gorgeous of course!

Should I consider a midday reapplication on wedding day?

Each bride is different. Think about how your makeup wears when you apply it. If you’re someone who gets oily, sweats a lot, touches their face or talks often, or makeup doesn’t typically last long on you- you definitely need touch ups. Even when applied by a seasoned professional, makeup is still only temporary.

Sometimes it needs extra insurance to last all night with the inevitable wedding incidentals. I always use waterproof and long wearing makeup, but it will move. Skin is a living organ that makeup dates, or becomes engaged with—but isn’t married to. Meaning it’s not permanent, and could potentially change on you! Put a ring (touch up) on it!

Will a well-rounded + seasoned makeup artist know how to compliment all skin types?

A well-seasoned or properly educated artist can match you within moments of meeting you. It is a skill set that requires knowledge of color theory, undertones and skin types. Skin/ foundation is also the most important part of makeup. If your skin isn’t matched properly, it throws everything else off. Hence it literally being called “foundation!”

For the makeup trial, is it helpful to look at inspirational photos from Pinterest, or actual photos of themselves that they like?

I always encourage brides to explore makeup imagery while planning. It acquaints you with what makeup has to offer! You open yourself up to more options when you look for inspiration. It’s also very exciting and fun. I can easily assess a bride’s personal style, but sometimes they want something completely different. Research is your guide in realizing your vision.

Plain and simple, what is the bare minimum of a skin care regimen essential to beautiful wedding day makeup?

Moisture and hydration. Drink water, hydrate and moisturize your skin. When you’re dehydrated, skin wrinkles, creates texture (dry spots), darkens the eyes, chaps the lips and can sometimes lead to overproduction of oil. If you make sure these things are good before your wedding, you will produce your best skin, and be glowing on your special day.

Use toners and serums to hydrate (penetrate deep into the skin), and moisturizers/oils moisturize (surface level/ texture). Water hydrates the body overall and allows skin to regenerate to provide a proper barrier on the surface. Don’t be thirsty!

How can clients best set you up for success on wedding day?

Get rest, minimize stress and take care of your skin. Schedule your makeup with extra vision time for incidentals. Keep a small number of people in your bridal suite, or none at all during your glam. The more at peace you are, the better I can do my job!

(all photos by Audre Rae Photography)

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