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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

When you’re planning a wedding, a guaranteed question you’ll get asked is, what’s your wedding theme? There’s a lot of pressure surrounding your wedding theme and how it’ll be displayed throughout your wedding day. To me, there’s enough stress in nailing down one theme that truly encompasses your wedding vision. Let’s not make carrying through your wedding theme as tense.

To preface, your wedding theme can be as general or specific as you’d like. Typically, if you were overwhelmed by the theme-picking task as a whole, I would advise choosing a theme that’s more general, like garden romance.

On the contrary, if you’re having fun with themes and applying them to your wedding, I would suggest really diving into it, and choosing a wedding theme that speaks to you as a couple, and speaks to the experience you want to give your wedding guests.

So, you’ve decided on a wedding theme. Good for you! Unfortunately, it’s not enough to choose a wedding theme and never discuss it again. The next thing to mull over is how you’d like to actually incorporate that theme into your wedding. How do you want your theme to make your guests feel? How can you carry your wedding theme through and evoke those feelings?

It’s not as scary as it sounds! Carrying through your wedding theme can be done in many different ways. Many times, it’s done by tapping into the five senses, and adding in-theme elements to your ceremony and reception. Let’s breakdown this styled shoot, and see how our theme of Amalfi summer was carried through.


This is a biggy. Sometimes, you can’t find a venue that really lays the foundation for your wedding theme. For example, if your wedding theme is garden romance, you might not necessarily find a garden to have your wedding in. However, a garden romance wedding theme can absolutely work in a hotel ballroom…it’s all a matter of bringing in those other elements!

In this case, were fortunate enough to have had a venue that worked with our theme beautifully. The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel downtown has a few Italian-inspired elements that laid the groundwork well. For one, their restaurant, Tre Rivali, is Italian and Spanish-inspired; with homemade pastas and Italian charcuterie. Additionally, the Outsider rooftop bar has a modern coastal feel, and is drenched in Italian carrara marble.


Flowers and plants are excellent tools to use when carrying your wedding theme throughout your day. If your wedding theme is more of geographical or ethnic, you can work with a florist in choosing plants and flowers indigenous to those areas or ethnicities.

Emily with Wood Violet did a really wonderful job incorporating our theme of Amalfi summer. The groom’s bouquets were made with rosemary and lavender. Emily also wired on real grapes and grapevines (from her Grandpa’s yard) to the ceremony arrangements. That’s stellar.

Finally, Emily, very tediously, set her two large ceremony arrangements on top of two structures made entirely from driftwood that she collected. I wanted that Italian Amalfi coastal feel to come in, and (to me) the driftwood played a huge role.

Your wedding flowers can carry your wedding theme by, not only engaging the sense sight, but also smell.


It’s all in the details, right? In the case of demonstrating your wedding theme – yes, it is all in the details. I’m going to list out some ways that we carried through our theme of Amalfi summer in the details:

  1. Traditional Italian weddings take place outside, and immediately following the marriage proclamation, guests throw olive leaves in the air as celebratory confetti.

  2. Our grooms shared an Italian-inspired charcuterie board.

  3. The sweetheart place settings included a dish of Jordan almonds, a very traditional Italian wedding favor.

  4. Additionally, each setting had a mini potion bottle favor of limoncello with a lovely tag created by Ava with Hall Creative Co.

  5. The groom’s plates were also set with an Italian cigar wrapped in an olive branch.


You know it – food is a primary vehicle for carrying your wedding theme through. In this case, Molly from Miss Molly’s Café, created very thematic desserts for our display. I’m talking about mini olive oil cakes garnished with figs and ricotta, chocolate-dipped biscotti garnished with lavender and almond butter cookies. Perfection! We had our groom’s toast with some cold limoncello and that completed the day.

So don’t stress your wedding theme! Think of it more as choosing a wedding feeling or atmosphere. Sometimes, when you think of it differently, it’s easier to come up with ways to carry it throughout your day. And, now you have more ideas moving forward! Good luck – ciao!

Photography- Maria Campbell Photography

Art Direction- Sarah Glick

Floral- Wood Violet

Dessert- Miss Molly's Cafe

Groom's makeup application- Lustrous Beauty

Stationery- Hall Creative Co.

Venue- Kimpton Journeyman Hotel

Attire- NL Suits


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