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Please note: this is not your average 'top trends' article. This is the real deal, folks. These are the hottest 2019 wedding trends that I've noted, per my hot 2019 couples (who happen to have great taste). So, instead of giving you trends that are not applicable or out of our market, here are real trends from actual Wisconsin couples, who are authentic, brave & smokin' hot!


Outside of wedding stationery, like invitations and place cards, my clients have always had fun with wedding signage; like boards that direct guests to a hidden ceremony location, or signs on the bar identifying signature cocktails.

But for 2019, I have seen a shift from calligraphed wood board signage to retro, ad-inspired prints and mucho modern. Couples are playing with fun illustrations, and even working with local graphic designers to explore wedding signage with a personal twist.

Familial officiants

You can tell when a wedding officiant really knows the couple getting married. The ceremony just stays with you afterwards – in a good way. It’s memorable. That personalization is incredibly impactful! My couples have noticed that impact and designated close family or friends to officiate their weddings.

Even my clients celebrating in religious settings will have officiants (pastors or priests) who have been part of their families & lives for years. These officiants share anecdotes and intimate stories that warm up wedding ceremonies and enhance the experience; and not just for the couple.

Simple elegance

I’m all about statement dresses, don’t get me wrong. And I really love glitter and appliqués. But many of my brides are reminding me of the timelessness of a simple, white dress. Simple and jaw-droppingly stunning. These dresses hug curves, show some skin and bring bridal radiance to their owners. I warmly welcome this trend, because in the wedding industry it’s easy to get wrapped up in more, more more. Less is more - especially when it’s a fitted crepe v-neck Sarah Seven gown.


Some of my wedding reception meal styles this year are grazing, or cocktail-style. Think charcuterie boards to the umpteenth degree. It’s a dreamy set-up, really. Reception food is thoughtfully and beautifully arranged on easy-to-grab platters. The grazing style started more rustic; however, modern couples are adopting it, too, and adding their own spin.

Smaller bouquets

Originally, this 2019 trend made me very sad. At floral meetings, many of my brides were requesting smaller bridal bouquets. Say what? After regrouping myself, I’ve come to accept & even enjoy this floral trend. With the right blooms, a smaller bridal bouquet can still make a hell of an impact! Especially tied with beautiful, dyed silk ribbon or gauze (which my couples are very into).

Check out my 2019 floral report if you’re thinking about all things wedding flowers!

Fun favors

My 2019 couples are having fun with their wedding favors! It’s important to them to thank their guests in a meaningful & personal way. So, I have a groom who makes beef jerky, and they’re bagging his product up as a wedding favor. Another couple of mine enjoy lavender honey on their morning pastries, and are bottling that sweet nectar up for their guests to enjoy. And my two cents? Keep it personal, edible or drinkable.

Big ‘ol cakes

Cake lovers rejoice! 2019 might be the year where couples ditch the cupcakes and return to the big ‘ol wedding cake. Must be something nostalgic in the air – because 3 plus tiered cakes are showing up all over the place this year. It’s a delicious and easy way to incorporate your wedding theme, personal style, or to simply add a unique touch to the night.

Thinking about your wedding dessert? Check out my wedding cake and dessert report blog post.


Not all of my hot 2019 couples are using velvet because it isn’t a perfect world, but some of them are – yes! Velvet is the textile to beat this season and I am here for it. Velvet table linens, napkins, bridesmaid dresses, suit jackets, shoes, bouquet ribbons, etc.

Lounge seating

It’s Wisconsin, so we can’t rely on weather too much. Having said that, my clients are braving the forecast unpredictability and setting up lounge spaces outside. Outdoor furniture creates a unique ambiance and can be used in so many different ways! It's a great way to add a pop of personal style, give guests an extra sitting area and, of course, create a perfect photo op.


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