dogs at your wedding

We were told that our golden-doodle was the runt of his litter. He was the smallest male, and they were having trouble selling him. 95 pounds later, Otis is our big, snuggly prince. Dogs are the best.

I've found that over half of my clients are 'dog people.' And a large percentage of those people want to incorporate their beloved pet into their wedding. I am all for this! Whenever I'm in a client meeting and they mention their dog, I just ask the question right away. Do you want your dog incorporate into your wedding? That way, they don't have to feel like crazy dog people who treat their pet like a child. But it's okay, I accept you!

Accommodating or coordinating a dog's appearance on wedding day isn't that much of a fuss. In the past, I've arranged dog drop-off and pick-up times. Sometimes, the dogs just come for photos immediately after ceremony; other times, they are in the processional lineup.

If you want to incorporate your dog into your wedding and your venue allows it (or can be sweet-talked into it), I say go for it! Pets are really special. And they're integral parts of your life. Here are some ways that you can incorporate your sweet pups come wedding day:

First look

Ceremony processional; or with flower girls/ring bearers

Bridal party attendant

Ceremony recessional

Photo pop-in

My underlying piece of advice when it comes to dogs at weddings is keep it quick. Let your planner know what's important to you, and have he/she coordinate the logistics of a lovely, but efficient visit from your pet. You want the appearance to be memorable (in a good way), but not too distracting.


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