coffee break with pied paper goods

Don't tell my husband, but I'm having a long-distance relationship. It's physically, emotionally & spiritually-driven. Her name is Jenesis, and she's the Owner of Pied Paper Goods.

A while back, my clients, Erin & Jon, asked for their wedding vows to be calligraphed for home decor. This was a project that I didn't want to take on because my calligraphy wouldn't do their vows (or them) justice. So, I started shopping Etsy for an artist to letter the vows for me.

Eventually, I landed on an Etsy shop called Pied Paper Goods. I see all this beautiful work; as well as, a picture of a beautiful human being in the 'shop owner' blurb. It's Jenesis.

Although she does offer personalized vow writing (in either traditional calligraphy or modern brush lettering), she doesn't typically take on projects of this magnitude. Lovely vows - but they're like 500 words each. That's a big project for Jenesis' magical, little hands. But she took it on! Without hesitation - very thoughtfully responded to my emails and agreed to my challenging request.

And that was the day I fell in love. Jenesis runs Pied Paper Goods out of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she & her husband live. And, although I'm a firm believer in supporting & loving on local wedding vendors only, I know Jenesis will be in my life for a long time (she's in the Midwest, so local-enough for me). She's beautiful inside & out, and weirdly wise beyond her years.

So, Jenesis & I virtually got coffee the other day, and here's what I learned:

How lucky are you and why?

Jenesis/ I think I’m the luckiest, honestly. My life is really hashtag blessed. I think mindset is a lot of it; I never want to get to a point where I feel unlucky or ungrateful with where I’m at or what I have. Choosing to love where I am and pour it all in, no matter how exhausting or frustrating life can be, and THEN choosing to feel grateful and thankful = luck.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jenesis/ I want to be a cute mom blogger who also does calligraphy and art and stuff. I also want to be a kickass calligrapher/stationer/designer. I mostly want to be able to take care of my family and home but be my own boss so I can throw dope birthday parties and get-togethers.

What is your favorite material to write on?

Jenesis/ Right now I’m OBSESSED with vellum; but windows/acrylic/glass are equally as fun!

What’s your Karaoke song?

Jenesis/ Africa by Toto — it’s also my non-karaoke song because I sing it at least once a day.

What was your wedding like?

Jenesis/ Favorite day of my whole life. We went with a neutral color scheme and a more organic feel. Zach and I aren’t fancy or complicated people whatsoever; the biggest priority was doing what felt most like us vs. what we felt we had to do on Pinterest or to compete with other weddings we’d been to.

Our venue was Camp Mary Orton in Columbus, Ohio, so our “vibe” was camp with all our favorite people in the world. A low-key, spiritual, and emotional ceremony will forever be etched in my mind as we vowed our lives to God and each other. Then we partied the night away (IT WAS SO SWEATY).

Favorite details include: our first look AFTER ZACH GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT ON THE WAY TO THE VENUE (longgggg story! but literally all that matters is that everyone was safe and we got married), an instrumental chorus written for our processional and recessional, and Whit’s Frozen Custard at the reception.

How do you take your coffee?

Jenesis/ Black, like a true coffee snob.

Traditional calligraphy or modern lettering?

Jenesis/ I think my style is a hybrid of both but I certainly lean toward modern lettering!

How do you stay organized?

Jenesis/ HAHA!! I think my planner has been the best thing to try to contain my insane schedule. Second would be a handy dandy phone calendar and third would be rhythms throughout the week that keep me grounded.

Where is there light in your life?

Jenesis/ I’m a spiritual person, so I think that keeps my heart open and expectant for whatever happens. I choose to think that I’m part of a much bigger picture in the world and that what I have to offer might make a small difference in some way; not because of what I can do but rather because of what I am willing to do.

Why Pied Paper?

Jenesis/ Pied means “more than one color.” I think that it’s a cute play on “pied piper” and I just loved how it all sounded together!

What is your favorite wedding trend right now?

Jenesis/ My favorite trend is no trend at all — I love how each wedding has its own flavor to reflect the love of the couple <3

I guess, in a way, I exposed myself today, too. Now everyone knows that I have a girl on the side. And, as Jenesis so beautifully phrased it, I vow to take her as my partner in wedding kick-assery forever & ever amen!


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