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Best Milwaukee wedding venues with outdoor flex

My favorite Milwaukee wedding venues - fresh air included

A recent article from the American Lung Association included some data that I felt held significance to the wedding industry: The pandemic has driven home to the world the preciousness of healthy lungs. New research shows that exposure to elevated levels of air pollution is linked to worse health outcomes from COVID-19, including higher death rates.

As the nation continues to respond to the pandemic, reducing air pollution is critical for respiratory health now and in the future.

Which is exactly why the hottest topic with my clients last year and this was: fresh air. "I want a wedding venue with an outdoor flex space."

Guest experience was always at the forefront of my clients’ minds. But until experiencing planning during the pandemic, a guests’ health and wellness wasn’t really on our list of concerns. We’ve all settled into this post-quarantine, pandemic life; and with that comes new considerations when doing many selecting a wedding venue.

Wedding venues with an outdoor flex space not only tick the ‘fresh air factor' box for pandemic planning couples; they also provide a space where guests can go during room flips and other event undertakings. Grab a drink, some fresh air, stretch your legs - it’s really a win-win.

Since my clients have been asking about venues with outdoor flex spaces since 2020, I figured I’d share my favorites in Milwaukee:

Cream City brick and wood beams, what's more Milwaukee? The Aviary is the rooftop space here at Central Standard, and it's pretty magical. More for an intimate group of 100 or under. Cocktails and city-skyline 'a plenty.

This outdoor flex space is right along the Milwaukee Riverfront in the heart of the Third Ward. If you're a history buff, you'll be happy to know that the venue is in the historical Renaissance Building.

Home to the 'Midventurous Modern' collection of eclectic items, Dandy is the coolest spot for an intimate wedding group. The outdoor flex space can be accessed by way of a refinished auto garage door. Guests can spill out onto the parking lot + sidewalk while the room is flipped...or just for some fresh Dandy air.

The greenest venue in Milwaukee - Ivy House is home to Fernweh, a über cute patio bar area with ceremony space, fire pits, outdoor furniture and, of course, crawling ivy. Ivy House venue also has a refinished auto garage door that opens up for food trucks or outdoor flex activities of your choosing.

Jan Serr is a modern, minimalist venue in Milwaukee above an art gallery used for students at UWM. Although it's not massive, the outdoor flex space is a narrow deck with great views of Milwaukee's East Side.

The concept behind Kinn is a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that perfectly mixes the eclectic style of a boutique hotel with the amenities and down-home feeling of a residential rental property. Only in this new Downtown location's case, there's a stunning rooftop venue space with a wrap-around outdoor space. Soak up all of the downtown city lights here.

You wouldn't know it from standing on the curb, but inside and behind Movida at Hotel Madrid, the delicious Spanish restaurant, are 3 separate event venues, offering plenty of outdoor flex options: El Patio, The Lawn, and La Plaza. Do explore!

Schlitz is in my backyard, and in Bird City! This quaint nature center has lots of hygge vibes and a beautiful looking deck for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hours, etc. Do me a favor, and add on the raptor program to your event at Schlitz. No wedding guest will ever complain about learning facts about owls, eagles and hawks. The coolest ever.

It's in the name, folks! This Shorewood venue has a rooftop garden space with plenty of green + open air pathways. The floor below is a modern venue with lots of brick and a massive skylight window.

For all you golfers and Country Clubbers, this space might be for you. Not only does the modern, white venue offer an entire lawn for cocktail hour or ceremonies, but there's a semi permeant patio for dancing, fire pits + more. All along the beautiful golf course.

Harbor District’s coolest hub for live music and events. This Milwaukee wedding venue has rad industrial vibes, loads of brick, a huge stage and delicious, delicious food. There's an eclectic space along the riverfront out back for ceremonies, cocktail hour, or general outdoor hangs.

The Kimpton is bougie, we know. But their rooftop bar, The Outsider, is worth leveling up to all the bouginess. Just about the prettiest views of the city are found here, with plenty of fire pits, umbrellas and trendy ass drinks.

This spot is underrated in my opinion. The indoor venue space is more traditional with a stage and cool mansion-y fireplaces. But the outdoor garden patio is the sweet spot! Crawling vines, old garden stones and dramatic wooden double doors make this outdoor flex space sweet + unique.

Ah, the gem of Milwaukee. Villa Terrace is otherworldly. A terra cotta terrace, a grand garden and a statue-soaked courtyard to name a few outdoor flex spaces. She's a beaut.

Vista is a sister of The Atrium who hangs out down on Old World Third in Deer District. Stacked event spaces all lead up to the rooftop spot at Vista perfect for ceremonies, cocktail hour or chic views of downtown + the stadium.

The last venue, and most important to consider, is the one in your own backyard. Seriously! Don't forget to consider an outdoor flex, tented wedding in your backyard or vacation property. You'd be surprised what a seasoned wedding team could conjure up for your big day!

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