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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Pumpkin spice lattés are back at Starbucks. That's the American calendar equivalent to the first day of autumn, right? Regardless, we have cooler weather, the humidity has dropped and local apple trees have beautiful fruit, fresh for picking! These first feels of autumn have me thinking about my favorite autumn-inspired wedding add-ins. If you're having a fall wedding, or just love the season and want to work it into your wedding a bit, take a look at my favorite autumn wedding add-ins list:

Fall fur

Now, I don't advocate wearing real fall fur; however, I make exceptions to this rule if the real fur we're talking about is vintage or a family heirloom. If that's the case, you need it.

Fur means coziness and cozy textures are what autumn is all about! Don't be afraid to work some fall fur into your wedding - you can always wear a fur jacket during post-ceremony photos or just when you're chilly at reception.

Apple cider donuts

First of all, apple cider donuts are phenomenal. They're cute, delicious, spicy, sweet and easy to eat (rhyme). I worked with a couple last autumn who offered apple cider donuts as wedding favors. I set filled big orchard baskets of bagged apple cider donuts; three cider donut holes per each exiting guest. Think about leaving a fun wedding at midnight, and having a bag of delicious donuts for the buzzed ride home. Amazing, right? The very best part is, there are a ton of local (Wisconsin) farmers and bakers who make delicious apple cider donuts...from their own apple trees!

Pied Paper Goods

Black stationery

I love a good jewel tone-rich stationery suite; however, for an autumn wedding, pops of black in stationery exudes depth. And black stationery accents really well with natural fall colors, like rust, neutrals and greens.

Flower crowns

No. No, I will never get over floral crowns. It's not a passing trend for me. It's more about fitting the bride's style and wedding.

For fall flower crowns, I love moody jewel tones, yes; but how about some dried grass or dark green foliage to fill a crown? Playing with cotton in a flower crown or working in fall berries, too, makes for a fun autumn accent. Flower crowns offer so much variety - they're really easy to add-in any season wedding.


What a funny word; and what funny-looking species! Gourds are cool-looking when they're fresh for a tablescape or filler decor, and they're also cool when they've dried up a bit and kind of look like worn lanterns or something. Gourds offer fun shape, texture and color to autumn wedding decor. They can also easily be changed to match a certain color story or metallic.

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