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25 things to do the week of your wedding

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Week-of checklist from a Milwaukee wedding planner

01. Put on the entire wedding day lewk (especially shoes)

From the SKIMS to the earrings and everything in-between. You should have a peek at the entire wedding day look before it's all really happening. Especially so you can identify areas where you want to add or takeaway.

02. Prepare to step away from work

Whether you have some PTO or are working up until the big day, be sure to create some space between you and your job as you approach the weekend.

03. Connect with your planner

Grab coffee, hop on FaceTime, or stay connected via text that week, especially. The wedding week and weekend is your planner's time to shine, so give a shout!

04. Update your vendors on any cancellations

We've seen a lot of last minute cancellations since the pandemic. Shoot your planner or caterer an email with last minute drop-outs so there's some record of it going into the weekend.

05. Make final adjustments to the seating chart

06. Submit your shot list to the photographer

07. Keep your marriage license close by

Hand this important envelope off to your officiant or planner going into the weekend. Or pack it up with your overnight bag so it can be signed on the wedding day.

08. Clear out your inbox

Maybe it's just me - but a clear/organized inbox is a clear/organized mind. Be it wedding emails or work - give your email inbox one final work-through.

09. Make time to zen out

Meditate, walk your dog, water your plants, read a book; carve out some chill time outside of your partner, family, etc.

10. Organize breakfast (and lunch) for wedding day

11. Confirm final payments, and organize vendor tips

12. Confirm your wedding night arrangements

13. Talk about the flowers

Your wedding flowers are yours. Don't forget to talk about their second lives with your florist or planner. Are they being donated, thrown away, brought to post-wedding brunch, etc.?

14. Get a massage

15. Confirm who’s making toasts + speeches

16. Confirm details with your wedding party

Make sure anyone getting professional hair and makeup services knows when + where. If the bridesmaids should get breakfast and coffee beforehand, be sure to let them know. Reiterate lunch reservations for the guys, and what everyone should be bringing along.

17. Confirm rehearsal dinner plans

18. Designate a social media rep

Text your hype person, and ask if they'll take some photos/videos of getting ready, rehearsal dinner toasts, and any other 'behind the scenes' moments that are lovely + still worth a post!

19. Eat colorful, fresh foods

I'm no nutritionalist, but there's certainly a difference between how I feel after pizza and beer versus soup and salad. Give your body all the colorful goodness going into your wedding weekend. The benefits will manifest, trust me.

20. Practice your vows out loud

21. Organize your personal decor (guest book, toasting flutes, etc.)

Collect all of these personal decor items - guest book, toasting flutes, cake cutting-ware, table numbers, escort cards, welcome bags, wedding favors, etc. Make a plan to drop these at the venue beforehand, or hand them off to your planner.

22. Write a little note

Even if it's not to be read on the wedding day, write a little note to your partner. These are the last few days of your engaged, single lives. Pay tribute to each other, and the special, fleeting time.

23. Treat yourself to a manicure + pedicure

24. Have coffee with those family members who flew in

If you have family/friends flying in that you haven't seen in months/years, be sure to grab coffee or brunch with them in the days leading up to your wedding. You might not get as much time on the wedding day as you'd like. Meet for drinks or have them over for tea earlier that week.

25. Sleep, hydrate and breathe

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